Oakmont Clubs

Abbey Garlock, Author

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Everyone is constantly telling us to get involved. Some ways are going to school dances, going to football games, and most commonly, joining a club.

Joining a club can have many benefits. Each student at Oakmont got the opportunity at the beginning of the school year to join a club. Firstly, you get to meet new people with similar interests. You can meet friends and socialize while doing something that you enjoy.  Joining a club could also be helpful if you are new to the school and are looking for new people to talk to! If you join a club you also get a sense of fulfillment knowing that you are active within your school. Many clubs also help in the community. Being in a club looks good on a college application, but don’t join for that reason; join because you want to be a part of something. Many colleges will want a student who was active within their school and will make a difference.

When looking through the handbook, there are several clubs listed. Some are more popular than others, but there is a great variety.

Anime Club meets to show and discuss a Japanese style of animation. In an interview with Mr. Nicholas Kostich, the Anime Club advisor, he spoke of the history of the club: “The club was already running when I got to Oakmont. I took over the club my first year teaching, and have advised it since then.”

Kostich’s favorite part of the club is, “Sharing our favorite Anime and Manga with each other and finding new series.”  He also reported there are “7 current members – mostly underclassmen.”

Abbey Garlock
OEA member Paloma O’Brien on trash pick up day

Another example of a club would be, OEA or Oakmont Environmental Association. OEA is an environmental club run by Ms. Archangelo. OEA does a lot for the environment, whether it’s selling reusable straws or raising money to buy water dispenser stations. OEA meets before school at 7am on Mondays and after school Thursdays until 3. OEA also has won awards in the past. For example, last school year OEA went to The State House and won an award. OEA received the award in recognition of their contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment as part of the green team. OEA has won many awards in the past.

Peer Leaders is also run by Ms. Archangelo. Each student has to have 10 hours of community service a semester. Peer Leading is not an open club. To join, students must go through an application process starting in the fall. Then each student will be interviewed. Peer Leaders volunteer in the community, the administrator of the club has students sign up for many things like babysitting at the elementary school, working the concession stand in Ashburnham much more. In the past peer leaders took a large role in the Relay For Life, each member had to fundraise $100. The club was changed a bit this year, now students are strongly advised to raise $100 but it’s not a requirement.

There are many clubs at Oakmont that you could join. Maybe now is the time to join –almost all the clubs invite students to join at any time.