Youth Ventures

Allyson Foley & Peyton Collins, Author

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OHSPTSD is a youth venture that works to spread awareness for different kinds of PTSD. The group creates personal care packages that include stress relieving items, and the packages are sent to hospitals and PTSD groups where they are handed out to those in need.

Individuals involved: Chloe Chatigny, Gianna Moorshead, Ryan Mack, Brendan Pelkey, Meghan Hastings, Sophia LeBlanc, Abby Shea, Macy Litalien, Madison McMaster


Spartan Center


Spartan center is a youth venture group that works to build school spirit in school and at sporting events. Participants create themes and purchase items to hand out at games.

Individuals involved: Gianna Moorshead, Zoe Laskarides, Alyssa Dalbon,

Sadie Testa, Meghan Hastings, Nate Berthiaume, Abby Shea, Sam Gastonguay, Macy Litalien, Riley Grimley, Maddison McMaster, Cassidie Lison, Sean O’Brien, AJ Sears, Brad Blessington, Taylor Gilbert, Lucas Chevarie, Nolan Andrews, Delaney Collins, Megan Brown, Emily Goodall, Jessica Ciesluk, Keegan McMahan, Evan Pappas, Jamie Curtis, Cole Shattuck




APUSH4peace is a youth venture group that presented in front of a panel on Monday 12/3 and received the requested seed money. They will raise money to donate to a Peace Corps volunteer project. This year the group will be supporting a Peace Corps volunteer working to build a multi-purpose physical and education court in Costa Rica.

Individuals involved: Lisa Angelopoulos, Madyson Aubin, Alana Barrett, Daniel Bartkus, Bryce Berry, Laura Bowler, Leo Charbonneau, Liam Cole, Curtis Coulson, Alyssa DalBon, Nicolette D’Amico, Lexis Emma, Cade Hogan, Joshua Krawczyk, James Maloney, Laura McBride, Katelyn Murphy, Emma Roche, Abigail Rusak, Jack Tobia, Abigail Wandless, Olivia Wells, Oliver Wessels, Benjamin Wiita, Lilia Wooding


Paws for Psych


Paws for psych is an organization that raises money to buy therapy dogs for individuals who struggle with mental illnesses. Paws for psych not only helps more people afford therapy dogs that they desperately need, but it also educates the community on how to defeat the negative stigma around mental illness and discuss the importance of wellbeing in a safe and judgement-free environment. The organization starts conversations regarding mental health at an early age, holding workshops with middle school students and encouraging them to establish better personal awareness and more compassionate social behavior.

Individuals involved: Amanda Porter, Bridget Mclean. Olivia Smith, Sophia LeBlanc, Taylor Gilbert, Madison McMaster


Harmonic Heroes


Harmonic heroes is a youth venture group that gives money back to school music programs who cannot afford what they need

Individuals involved: Abigail Paradis, Abigail Cote, Anna Velardi, Alex Rittberg


Growing Towards the Future


Growing Towards the Future is a youth venture designed to make a community garden with the EXCEL program in order to help give some of the students at Oakmont the opportunity to create something new and helpful.

Individuals involved: :Luke Sugar, Quinn Sugar, Alex Caruso


Adolescents Against Opioid Abuse (AAOA)


AAOA is a youth venture that spreads awareness about opioid use and abuse through the school and community

Individuals involved: Jenna Duval and Cammie Baril


Leaders Innovating, Fascinating, and Educating (LIFE)


L.I. F. E. is a youth venture acts as a skill-based workshop open to all ages that teaches a variety of skills that can benefit everyday life.

Individuals involved: Katelyn Murphy, Ari Deery


Oakmont Environmental Association (OEA)


Leader: Kaela Hillman


Empowering Teens With Anxiety (ETA)


ETA is a youth venture that spreads awareness about anxiety and other health issues by teaching coping strategies and building sensory rooms for relief.

Individuals Involved: Mya Hamilton, Madyson Aubin, Tyler Marble