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An Honest Review on Six Flags: Rides and Accommodations


Six Flags- one of the only adequate amusement parks around here. Yes, it does take about an hour and a half to get there, but it’s worth it. There is a combination of things to do there from water slides to roller coasters to kid rides. The diverse selection is just one of the reasons why Six Flags is worth a trip. 

Let’s start with some accommodations that Six Flags offers…

The parking lot is a bit of a walk away from the entrance however, they do offer a shuttle up. It is a quick ride and there are multiple shuttles, so the line usually goes quicker. The parking lot is large and there is a spot where people can drop off their kids too. That helps with parking lines. 

Parking is a bit expensive, but almost every amusement park will charge an insane amount. Six Flags was around $48 to park and about $39 per ticket for the whole day. The hours vary, but their app and website have all those details.

I’d recommend getting the app even if you are just going for the day. The app includes all the rides, wait times, food options, and a map to navigate the park. The app also includes closing hours and what rides are open at the moment. If it rains, they may close down a ride and that will be updated on the app. 

There are food options everywhere you look. There are plenty of options for food and drinks. The only downside is that the price is bumped up quite a bit for food and drinks due to it being in an amusement park. Basically, at every park you go to the prices will be higher than if you buy food from a market. They also don’t allow outside food or drinks inside to encourage buying their products. 

Now for the fun part- the rides. A combination of water rides and thrillers. If you plan on going to the water park, bring a bathing suit and make sure you go on a warm day. When the wind blows it gets chilly. Pack an extra pair of clothes even if you aren’t going on the water rides because there is a chance of it raining or getting splashed if you are in the area. 

A good thing about going on a hot day is that you can spend some time on rides and then go on the Blizzard River ride. This ride simulates white water rafting and you will get wet, it’s only a question of how much. At least, if you go on a windy roller coaster afterward, you’ll be dry in no time! No need to even change into a suit!

Coaster speeds down into a tunnel during Superman (Submitted photo)

Personally, my favorite rides are the thrill ones. These include roller coasters, swings, drop rides, and more. The New England Six Flags has one of the more popular roller coasters called Super Man. It is known for its super tall climb and drop. This speedy coaster goes up along the water which gives a nice view and also takes dives through tunnels.

A couple of more roller coasters that are pretty big attractions are Batman The Dark Knight, the Riddler Revenge, Flashback, Joker, Thunderbolt, and Wicked Cyclone. 

Batman the Dark Knight goes into a steep dive and then a large loop, making you go upside down while having your feet hang. This is for sure towards the top of my list. Your feet also hang on the Riddler Revenge ride, where you go upside down and spin multiple times. This will for sure scramble your vision as you twirl. 

Flashback looks small compared to the others, but it still gets the heart rate up. You start by going backward up and then shoot forward and through loops and drops. That is just the first round. On the other side of the tracks, there is a second hill. After the loops and drops you glide up a hill and then…fall. You begin to go through the entire track again- backward. It may look short and tiny, but it is just as exhilarating. 

The joker is one that’ll make you dizzy. It is one large circle with curves making you feel like you’re falling. That’s not it. The carts are whipping in a circular motion, spinning you until you can’t see straight. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

Waiting in line for Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is a classic wooden coaster and is really fun. No upside downs of course because it is wooden, but it does go pretty fast and has some drops. It is not as crazy as some other coasters, making it a good one to begin with.

Finally, Wicked Cyclone is a roller coaster designed to make you feel like you are flying through a cyclone. It certainly accomplishes its goal. Twists and turns make you feel like you’re flying through the air while the rapid speed whips you around. A bonus is that it’s one of the longer roller coasters, so your time in line is not wasted.

Riding on Supergirl (Submitted photo)

There are even some thrill rides that aren’t roller coasters. One of them being Supergirl. Picture a Ferris wheel that rapidly spins and tilts to make you go upside down. It was intense and extremely dizzying.

Imagine flying so fast into the air you can’t get a breath in and then falling even faster. If that sounds fun to you then you have to try out the Scream ride at Six Flags. Dropping to the ground and shooting just as fast upwards is something you can count on remembering!

You better hang on if you’re riding the Harley Quinn because this ride knows how to go high and fall fast. A spinning sensation while flying into the wind!

The Harley Quinn swinging side to side (Submitted photo)

Grip the bars even tighter if you are taking a journey on the New England SkyScreamer. This ride goes over 400ft in the air while swinging in a circle. It has views to remember and you definitely won’t forget the height!

SkyScreamer at its highest height! (submitted photo)

What makes each thrill ride unique in Six Flags is the themes all relate to DC characters or stories. Each roller coaster lives up to its name and I recommend it. These thrill rides aren’t the only thing that Six Flags offers. There is a whole kids section for the younger groups and a water park for different activities.

Six Flags is one of the best amusement parks near us and I recommend it for adrenaline rushes, relaxing rides, water fun, tons of options for food, and more! It has it all!

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    Amanda CastroJun 20, 2024 at 12:39 pm

    The one in Vallejo CA is ok but the wait to get on the rides is crazy! Over 2hrs and people were cutting in mid way with there family adding about 4-6 people. Not cool.. or halfway through waiting the ride stops working so you waste another 45 min to 1 hr they open at 11am and close between 6 pm & 7 pm. It’s just not enough time. The place we ate at was out of control! Way to many orders for the workers to keep up with. I felt bad . I like the rides but the wait time was way to long and they need to be open longer!