New Semester : A Whole New Routine

Keira Cook, Author

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Every January comes around and brings new schedules for Oakmont students and teachers alike. After the stress of grueling finals season is over, students get the chance to start anew with completely different courses.

We’ve all had those more challenging classes that just make life generally more difficult and when those new schedules come around to alleviate that commitment, there’s nothing better. Unfortunately, it can be the opposite, where your new schedule provides more stress than the last.

So, on January 28 there will be smiles and frowns in the Oakmont hallways.

But is this mid-year schedule change a good thing or bad thing?

It all depends. Because in every respect, within a new routine there are a bunch of opportunities: both good and bad. For example, you have the chance to leave the classes that you dread and enter the ones you love.

The new schedule brings around a variety of transitions, changing so much: new classmates, new teachers, new coursework, new lunches, and maybe new inspiration.

A clean slate can be great, but realistically because there is so much change, it’s almost certain that something on your schedule will be not so encouraging.

Aside from the general worry of your up and coming academic struggles or success are the social worries, concerning whether or not you will have a friendly face amongst your new classmates.

As someone brand new to this high school experience, having friends and an easy class can really save your life in the moment. So overall, I don’t know whether to dread or welcome this abrupt change because this new schedule decides who and what you will be dealing with the remaining days of school.

To continue, changing classes after the short period of 90 days seems confusing as well, since after barley half the year all my classes with be completely different, making me that lost freshman once again.

It just seems hectic.

I guess when I think about it compared to all the stress factored into a normal student’s life, the chance to get new classes seems like blessing, but in all truth it seems disruptive, especially when your just getting the hang of things. Who knows?

The new and unfamiliar courses always come with new teachers and peers, which like I said is always a worry on students’ minds. The day before these classes even begin, students will be rushing around trying to gauge whether or not they will be lucky enough to have their friends or at least someone they will know.

This concern mostly creates anxiety when you ask everyone and nobody confirms that they will be your class, meaning you will have to bear the brunt of this class work alone or make new friends.

Additionally, along with uneasiness of your friend to class ratio, is the workload and teachers ahead. Each class has a different workload, so it’s always a stressor if you end up with the class that you heard about having 3 hours of homework a night, or the demanding teacher.

However, just like I said earlier you might hit the jackpot with your new classes!

In the end, a new schedule and new semester are a  good way to start fresh, but they also come with their share of uncertainty.