Living Without A Paycheck Due To The Government Shutdown

Annie Skamarycz, Author

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On December 22, 2018, President Trump partially shut the federal government down to fund for more effective border security. As the days of the shutdown increase, thousands of unpaid furloughed employees frantically check the news on the daily in hopes of updates from the White House. Many Democrats think the wall is an unproductive use of supplies and resources; therefore, they are pushing for more of a technological system of border security. While the Left-wing disagrees with Trump’s decision making, a majority of the Republican Party agrees with Trump’s idea to fund for stronger border security – It is what he promised.

Since the government shut down, federal employees are furloughed until further notice from the White House. Furloughed government staff says the government being shut down is encouraging them to make tough decisions about their mortgage, bills, and family obligations. For some federal workers, the shutdown is beginning to get personal due to the frustration and anxiety about when they will start to get their paycheck again. Approximately 800,000 federal government employees aren’t getting paid because they are either furloughed or working without pay. Some families that are going without pay are starting to struggle with limited spending on necessities such as bills, food, water, and even their mortgage.

My dad is a furloughed TSA employee in the Department of Homeland Security. My family -along with multiple others in our nation- has to focus on budget cuts and limited spending. Money is being saved for more important necessities-  no more Dunkin’s for a while! While some families may have a sturdy savings account to try and survive this, there are people who simply live paycheck to paycheck. These are the families struggling most during this government shutdown.

It has been almost three weeks since Trump decided to formally shutdown the government making it the longest government shutdown ever – but slating it to the first longest in our nation’s history. Families across America with furloughed employees providing for them – including mine – are stressing because federal employees just recently missed their first paycheck.

As a teenager, it’s important to speak up and understand what’s going on in politics today because we hold the future. I understand President Trump’s idea of strengthening border security, but, I think it’s unnecessary to build a wall on the southern border, which stretches two thousand miles. I personally think there are other ways – such as more technological security – to strengthen our nation’s border security. Whatever the opinion, many Americans need the shutdown to end soon.