2 Places to Visit in New England

Laurel Allen, Author

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  1. An Afternoon in Boston

A wonderful, and pretty local place to visit during this season is Boston. There’s so much to do from shopping, eating, and sightseeing – there will never be a dull moment. A very popular place in Boston is Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Here you can find many stores, restaurants, and entertainment. If you go into the early afternoon you have a few different transportation options. You could drive all the way, take the T from Alewife, or even take the train all the way in. If you choose to drive, you should give yourself an hour and a half. If you drive to Alewife and take the T from there you have about 20 minutes on the train, and you would have to buy a round trip T ticket costs, which costs $5.50. You also have the choice to drive to Fitchburg and then take the train in. The ride from Fitchburg station to North Station in Boston is about an hour and a half and it costs $23.00 for a round trip. The walk from North Station to Faneuil Hall is about 14 minutes and has very pretty sights along the way. Once you arrive in Faneuil Hall, it would be best to shop around for a while. There are so many stores in close walking distance from one another, some popular ones are American Eagle, The Black Dog, Abercrombie, and Urban Outfitters. In the Winter season there is a huge tree lit up in the in the center of Faneuil Hall that is programmed to music and very fun to watch. There’s also a starbucks on the corner of the street right near the tree, that is the perfect place to get a hot chocolate before the light show! If you are in the mood for dinner, one of the best places to go is Durgin Park. It takes under a minute to walk there from the tree, and it’s very popular and reasonably priced restaurant with delicious cornbread! It’s definitely best to make reservations a while ahead of time because it’s a pretty hot spot around the holiday’s. After dinner, if you still have room for desert, Bova’s Bakery in the North End has the best cannolis in the entire world. It’s only about a 10 minute walk from Faneuil Hall and you pass many restaurants and boutiques on the way. Bova’s has all kinds of treats but there Chocolate Chip Cannoli is amazing and highly recommended! On the walk back you can walk through the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, which is lit up with blue lights during the holidays and is a great place to take cute pictures!

  1. Day Trip To Newport Mansions

Another exciting place to visit is the Newport Mansions! The Mansions are located in Newport, Rhode Island; It’s a little bit of a ride, but totally worth it. The ride to there from Ashburnham/Westminster is approximately an hour and 52 minutes. So when planning your trip, give yourself a good 2 hours for travel time. The admissions to get into the mansions are $35.00 for an adult and $12.00 for youth. You can decide if you want to take a tour of the mansions as well! Admission comes with a headset that provides a self guided audio tour; Most people tour the mansions this way. If wanted, you can pay extra for a guided tour with an expert on the mansions, but most say that the self guided tour is just as good. The self guided tours take about an hour per mansion, but you can take your time in each house, looking and enjoying the scenery buy pausing the audio. The time you spend in the houses is really, totally up to you!  Some of the houses are seasonal, so before planning a date to visit, you should be sure to check the operation schedule on the mansion website to see what houses are open for that day. As of right now, until February 14th The Rosecliff and The Breakers houses are open. Rosecliff opens at 9am, and The Breakers opens at 10:30 am. The Marble House and the Chinese Tea House are closed for the season, so if you are very interested in seeing those houses it would be better to go in the spring. The last Admissions are at 4 o’clock, and all houses and grounds close an hour after at 5 o’clock. There is also a mansion gift shop to get souvenirs to remember your trip, so make sure to stop by before you leave! By the time you are done at the mansions you will probably be ready for a nice meal. The restaurant The Red Parrot is Located right down the street from the mansions – Only a minute away! The Red Parrot is used to serving many mansion tourists, and would be a good place to eat. Reviews say they have very good American food, that is in the perfect price range!