Looking Forward to Another Winter Season

Sophia Dellasanta, Author

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As another winter approaches, everyone’s focus has gone from Christmas chaos to the winter season in the new year ahead. It’s quite safe to say that lots of people don’t look forward to winter time. Whether it has to do with the everlasting length of the season, or just the chilly weather in general. Each season typically has something unique for people to enjoy, however, winter is usually a lazy season that people try to avoid. Nevertheless, winter has its ups and fun activities to make the season more enjoyable.

Winter comes with lots of relaxation and downtime, which can be super convenient for things like catching up on movies or binge watching shows on Netflix. There’s also the perspective of using all that downtime as a way to be productive and get stuff done – maybe cleaning through your closet that you never seem to get to. Or just finding ways to get organized with your life. Many people avoid the couch and get into working out over the winter season in time for spring.

Following the trend of personal goals or a new change comes the annual winter fashion. The time for you to dig out all your gift cards and Christmas money for a day to the mall. Through the season, winter fashion is advertised everywhere – from magazines, to TV commercials, and all over social media. Countless websites show the trend of the knee high boots partnered with the long winter coat – a perfect combination of style and comfort. In addition, the streets are crowded with hats, scarfs, and gloves worn for the stylish look, and of course to keep you warm in the freezing weather. Coming from all different brands such as, C.C., Skullies Beanies, and the Love Your Melon hat brand name. With all the different winter styles, it’s an exciting time to discover the top trend look for each winter season.

Transitioning into the majorities top activity comes Wachusett Mountain. The number one place for people all around the town, specifically at Oakmont. Coming from personal experience, the Mountain brings out the best in many skiers and snowboarders during the winter. Visitors treasure the excited feeling they get as they’re riding up the chair lift ready to take their first run of the season. Winter can be a pretty busy time in school with classes and of course finals. However, Wachusett gives students from the area a place to look forward to for fun after school and on the weekends. One of the best things about Wachusett Mountain is that is has something for everyone. Often times friends head up to the Mountain for a fun dinner, or a delicious chocolate covered waffle from the Waffle Cabin.  It’s very convenient to have Wachusett Mountain so close to Oakmont for more student and families to enjoy the excitement each winter.

Often times, day activities are just as much fun. Ice skating – pond or rink – with friends followed by hot chocolate makes for the perfect afternoon. As well as people who enjoy snowmobiling and even snow tubing. From previous experience, a popular spot for snow tubing is at Nashoba Valley, or even different mountains like Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. Many of these activities all have something in common. They all bring people together to make fun memories with your friends and family. Rewinding back to the more chill side of winter, it’s always nice to have fun get togethers or lazy hangouts with your friends.

To wrap things up, no matter how much convincing you try, some people will still have their negative opinion about the winter season. However, it’s important and a little fun to consider all the joy and good things winter brings to the table. As previously said, there’s something for everyone  – if you’re feeling a chill movie day, maybe a dinner and waffle at the Mountain, or a day adventure out snow tubing. There are so many opportunities to be productive and make the most of each winter day. Yes, of course there will be the boring, cold days when you’re stuck in school or at work. But remember all the fun things you can do to look forward to the season ahead.