Oakmont’s Traffic Problem

Thera Walsh

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         For a few years now Oakmont has faced the problem of before and after school traffic. Students and parents alike are constantly reminded to pull all the way to the end of the yellow paint before stopping – even if there is no other car behind you, you are still advised to pull all the way down. You are also advised to use the crosswalk that leads to the main entrance so that bus traffic isn’t disturbed. Even with these rules traffic still causes problems. Both busses and cars are constantly backed up due to the large amount of morning vehicles.

Not only are morning drop-offs the problem, but afternoon pickups also cause major traffic back ups. Cars are not allowed to park on the hill next to the parking lot because the cars that park there congest traffic trying to pull out in front of other cars and busses. Traffic at the end of the day has caused enough back up so that Ms. Miville has to direct the traffic flow.

Here are some easy ways to alleviate the traffic problem. Carpool: by car pooling the amount of cars simply decreases. If your friends live somewhere along your route in the morning offer them a ride. The more the merrier. Another option is walking or biking if you live within a reasonable distance from the school. Maybe try getting dropped off at a friend’s house who lives close to the school and walk together. Possibly even try taking the bus. It might not be the most ideal option, especially with the cold weather, but it would most likely help improve the hectic morning drop off. Perhaps  you’re getting dropped off by car, getting up a littler earlier it may not seem like it would help, but if cars show up sooner than busses that traffic may be reduced sooner better than later.

Ideas have been brought up like the idea of at the end of the day having everyone take a right at the bottom of the driveway. This may help to reduce the amount of end of the day traffic, though to those who are Ashburnham bound this may sound like more of an inconvenience. Though a quick turn down Platts Rd could set them back on track it still would be a little out of their way. Additional signs have been requested to assist drivers so they better navigate the morning and afternoon traffic. Though traffic is a consistent problem the Oakmont, parents students and staff face the staff is working hard on their part to better direct the flow of the morning and afternoon traffic.

The staff at oakmont is working hard to come up with ways to help ease the traffic in the morning and in the afternoon. Cooperation from the students and parents would be appreciated, students please remember and remind parents to follow the the drop off procedure.

“If any students has an idea on traffic either at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day they can come speak to Ms. Miville or any administrator or go to their student advisory council rep we would be open to any ideas and to discuss them”  Mr.Uminski