A New Fix To A Boring Problem

Luke Dewey

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It’s fair to say that Elon Musk’s past year as CEO of Tesla has been full of ups and downs to say the least. His outgoing personality got him in trouble several times this past year, whether it was when he smoked a joint on Joe Rogan’s podcast or when he tweeted out that he would go public with Tesla at $420 a share, another pot joke that did not go over well with the SEC and had followers shaking their heads.

However, in terms of his popular company’s overall success, Tesla really had a monumental year. According to an estimate by Kelley Blue Book, Tesla sold 160,000 cars through November 2018, which is more than triple their sales from the previous year. The cheapest Tesla called the Model 3, which released in July 2018, became tremendously popular with more than 400,000 people placing deposits in order to be placed on a waiting list according to wired.com

In the midst of Tesla’s success, Elon Musk has shed light on a new project which made big headlines just last month. While Tesla is probably his most known company, Musk also is the founder of an infrastructure and tunnel construction company literally called The Boring Company. It was started in just 2016 by Musk as somewhat of a side company to test and bring to life new and innovative ideas.

This project, which is called the ‘Hawthorne Tunnel’ on The Boring Company’s website, all started in December of 2016 with Elon Musk’s frustrations about traffic in which he displayed for everyone on Twitter saying, “Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…” $100 million dollars of Elon’s own invested money and less than 3 years later and now the Hawthorne Tunnel is almost a reality.

The first section of the tunnel was completed in December 2018 as a test tunnel. This is the start of what Elon hopes to be a whole new and efficient method of public transportation. On December 18th, 2018, Musk announced a system of ‘tracking wheels’, an attachment installed to vehicles that allow them to drive in the tunnels. Electric cars, including non-Tesla vehicles, can take a car elevator down to the tunnel and the tracking attachment transforms the car into this small scale commuter rail to maximize speeds up to 150 mph according to electrek.com. Currently, the only way to try out the tunnel yourself is through an invitational tour from The Boring Company.

Whatever feelings people have toward Elon Musk as an individual, it is hard to deny that he is taking interesting and important steps in this advanced technological age. All of his companies are centered around improving and advancing the world without hurting it. The Boring Company’s all-electric Hawthorne Tunnel is no different and is one more step toward cleaning up public transportation while, at the same time, making it more convenient for everyone.