Semester Switch


It’s come to that time where everybody has so many mixed feelings as to what’s to come and what they’re about to leave behind. Switching semesters is always a different experience for everyone. For seniors it may be sad knowing you probably won’t get to see the teachers you’ve come to know so well as much anymore. The juniors are getting closer and closer to their senior year and closer to college and after highschool life. Sophomores get to meet some new teachers or see old ones again. Then there’s the freshman who might feel somewhat anxious to leave behind the teachers they’ve gotten to know and meet new ones.

After talking with a few students it sounds like most students like when the semester switches. D.D. said “I like how the semester switches cause it’s a new start. it allows you to do better if you had a rough last semester . it’s also new people, new teachers and new stuff to learn/ talk about you know not all the same stuff. So I like the semester switch.” T.D. said “I like the semester switch. Because it gives you a new atmosphere and teacher to learn with. If you did not do well in the classes of semester one you might do better in class in semester two. So it gives you a good chance to get your overall GPA up for the year. Also if you did not have any of your friend’s in your classes. You might get them this semester. So overall I like the semester switch.” A.T. said “I like the semester switch for a couple reasons. First, for example, say for the first semester someone got classes that weren’t exactly their top picks but next semester they have the classes they wanted most, it gives them something to look forward to and also gives them a happy end of the school year. Second, if someone got classes they didn’t like, without the semester switch, they would be stuck in those classes for the entire year. I also like it because it gives students more options of classes to take throughout the semester and if we were to have the same classes every day throughout the entire school year, I would personally get very bored of the class especially if I didn’t like the class and I know a lot of other people would too. Personally I like variety and without the semester switch, we wouldn’t have that with classes.”

Now that we’ve seen the students point of view of the semester switch let’s see what it’s like from a teacher’s perspective with the pandemic. “Normally the switch of the semester is bittersweet.  I’m glad because we get to move on, but I’m also sad because I may have just gotten to know students and I will miss them. The circumstances this year makes it more strange, especially because there are no final exams. Preparing for a final often gives a sense of closure that we won’t have.  I agree with the decision not to have them, but it adds to the difference. I also feel like I haven’t been able to get to know my students as well, so I will miss them, but long for more time to get to know them. Once again, bitter sweet. Hopefully this passage into another chapter will bring us closer to the “normal.”” said Mrs. Stefanakos.

Personally, I enjoy the semester switch. It’s a good way to try out more classes during your time in highschool. If not for the semester switch I probably wouldn’t have taken any shop classes during highschool, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article right now if I didn’t have all these options during highschool and that’s partially thanks to the semester switch.