Oakmont´s New Teachers and Administration

Oakmont´s New Teachers and Administration


Brian Cote

Title: Assistant Principal

Department: Administration

First impression of Oakmont:  The school culture is amazing, I am so happy to be a part of it. Happy to be a Spartan!

Fun fact 1: I skied Tuckerman’s Ravine.

Fun fact 2: I traveled across the U.S. and returned in 1996.

Michaela Vick 

Title:  English (9 and 10)

Department: Language Arts

First impression of Oakmont: When I first came to Oakmont, I realized how welcoming the school is. I felt like I was at home within my first couple weeks.

Fun fact 1: I have a fish named Flo but when I get mad at her, her name is Floridel.

Fun fact 2: I have an unhealthy obsession with garlic.

 Clay Parker

Title: Long Term Sub; English  

Department: Language Arts

First impression of Oakmont:  My first impression of Oakmont was how big and clean and modern it is. My second impression is how amazing the artwork is, and my third impression is how nice the students and faculty are.

Fun fact 1: I lived in England for 7th and 8th grade.

Fun fact 2: I’ve been a fan of the band “Iron Maiden” since 1982.

Jaclyn Couture

Title: Foreign Language 

Department: World Language 

First impression of Oakmont: Oakmont has a very relaxed vibe and staff are friendly.

Fun fact 1: I have climbed to the top of the Temple of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza and Machu Picchu in Peru. 

Fun fact 2: In 2017 I ran the Marine Corps marathon in Washington D.C.

Scott McGrath  

Title: Long Term Building Substitute

Department:Health and Fitness 

First Impression of Oakmont:  I was blown away with how helpful everyone is.

Fun Fact 1: I lived on Cape Cod for 8 years.

Fun Fact 2: I just became a father in May.

Thaddeus Ciras

Title: Math Teacher

Department: Math

First impression of Oakmont: 

This place is exactly how I remember it.

Fun fact 1: I have been to 49 of the 50 states.

Fun fact 2:  I have competed against the current world record holder at solving the 3x3x3 puzzle, and lost horribly.

Dr. Natalie Stassen

Title: Science Teacher

Department: Science 

First impression of Oakmont: Love it, especially the growth mindset of the students. 

Fun fact 1: I have been obsessed with Hamilton for over 6 months now.

Fun fact 2: I was born at Edwards Air Force base (were the shuttle lands).


Skylar Alves 

Title: Art Long term sub 

Department: Art 

First impression of Oakmont: Surprising, a lot has changed since I graduated in 2016

Fun fact: I played, and now coach, Oakmont girls’ basketball

  Lauren Rogers 

Title: Art; long-term sub

Department: Visual Arts Department

First impression of Oakmont: I received a warm welcome into a supportive and encouraging community!

Fun Fact 1: I played Division 1 softball at the collegiate level.

Fun Fact 2: I have gone skydiving!

 Stephanie Shaw

Title: Special Education Teacher, 11th grade liaison

Dempartment: Special Education Dept./Learning Center

First impression of  Oakmont: I was a little nervous about finding my way around a high school again. It’s been a long time. 🙂

Fun fact 1: I have randomly met some famous people.

Fun fact 2: I know American Sign Language.

 Ryan King 

Title: Academic support paraprofessional

Department: Special Education

First impression of Oakmont: Oakmont has reminded me a lot of my own high school experience. The sense of community you feel in the building is similar to what I felt when I was a student in high school. 

Fun fact 1: I moved to this area in the summer of 2019, I grew up in the town of Lakeville.

Fun fact 2: I have a five year old Australian Cattle Dog named Toohey, he is from a farm in North Carolina.

Barbara- Jo Hamel

Title: Oakmont Building Substitute and Remote online student tutor

First impression of Oakmont: Positive learning and teaching environment. Everyone – faculty, staff, and students – makes a sincere effort to welcome newcomers. Administration is great, too! 

Fun fact 1: I, too, was a Spartan in high school; however, Stoneham High School colors are blue and white. 

Fun fact 2: My passion is hiking and backpacking in the White Mountains.

 Katrina Sinclair 

Title: Digital Learning Coach

Department: Technology

First impression of Oakmont:  Oakmont is full of great teachers and students who I am truly enjoying working with. 

Fun fact 1: I have a passion for working with animal shelters rescuing high-risk dogs from euthanization.

Fun fact 2: I played softball at Worcester State which is where my daughter is currently playing too! I love watching her on the same field I played on over 20 years ago.

 Jay Sharron 

Title: Technology Assistant

Department: Technology

First impression of Oakmont: Oakmont has been great to work at so far. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming, making my transition here very comfortable and easy.

Fun fact 1: Graduate of Oakmont Class of 1989. Member of Oakmont’s first Varsity Ice Hockey team under Coach Uminski. Graphic designer of The Oakmonitor on the school’s first Macintosh computers in the mid’ 1980’s.

Fun fact 2: I’m an avid musician, performing and teaching guitar and drums locally for over 25 years.

 Lori Rabeler

Title: Digital Learning Assistant

Department: Technology

First Impression of Oakmont: I have felt very welcomed at Oakmont and enjoy being in a high school again.

Fun fact 1: Before Covid-19, I was the librarian at JR Briggs.

Fun fact 2: I work as a theatrical and ballet costumer and love to create original clothing.

 Tiffany Davis 

Title: Digital Learning Coach

Department: Technology

First impressions of Oakmont: A community where students and staff grow and learn together.

Fun fact: My favorite TV show is the Great British Baking Show.

Fun fact: I have a 17-year-old beagle who is blind and deaf.