Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit You?

Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit You?

Everyone has their own zodiac sign based on when you were born. Your zodiac can tell you many things about your inner self. There are four types of signs: fire, air, earth, and water. Your type of sign can determine personality traits and what signs you are most and least compatible with. 

Fire signs are passionate, dynamic, and temperamental. Air signs are all about action, new ideas and motion. Earth signs are very grounded, they are very loyal and stable. And, last but not least, water signs. Water signs are very emotional and are mysterious to most people. 

Now that you understand the different types of elements you can learn deeper into the zodiac signs. 

The 12 zodiac signs are: Aries (March 20th-April 19th), Aquarius (January 20th- February 18th), Cancer (June 21-July 22), Capricorn (December 21st-January 19th), Gemini (May 20th- June 20th) , Libra (September 22nd- October 22nd), Leo (July 22nd-August 22nd), Pisces (February 19th- March 20th), Scorpio (October 22nd- November 21st), Sagittarius (November 21st- December 21st), Virgo (August 22nd-December) 22nd, and Taurus (April 19th-May 20th).

After interviewing a number of students at Oakmont, most say that they feel their zodiac sign fits their personality.

Freshman Thandi Frazier says, ¨I am an exact replica of my zodiac sign, a Cancer. Everyone says we are emotional wrecks, and they’re not wrong. We are very in touch with what we feel.” Cancers are water signs. They typically wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to be very emotional.  They are very loyal, and will be shy at first but can become very friendly. They are most compatible with Libras and Virgos. 

Along with Thandi, a Spanish teacher at Oakmont, Mrs. Couture, believes her zodiac fits her personality. “I am an Aries.  I definitely embody the qualities of an Aries as I am headstrong, bold, determined, and likely to be in charge (lead).  Although I can be fiery and passionate, I am usually upbeat and believe in living life to the fullest.” Aries are fire signs and are very motivated and passionate and are also confident leaders. Aries are most compatible with Geminis and Leos.

Freshman Dani Lewis, a Taurus, says her zodiac sign does not fit her character. ¨I think that with zodiac signs, every single one will have a trait that you reside with. There’s no one list of traits that you will perfectly fit into.” Tauruses are an earth sign. They are very ambitious and stubborn. Tauruses are most compatible with Cancer’s and Virgo’s. 

About 30% of Americans believe in zodiac signs. If you are a part of that small percentage, understanding yourself and others can help you become more in touch with yourself and the people around you.