More Than Just A Teacher

More Than Just A Teacher

“A good teacher can teach you something that you will remember for a day, but a great teacher will teach you something that you will remember for the rest of your life.” Most teachers do not know the lasting impressions that they have made on students. Little do they know they could have changed a single student’s life completely, or simply made their lives better in general. Teachers take on more than just a role of teaching. They take on every single kid in their class- their self-esteem, the way they learn, and maybe even take time to learn about their personal lives. A good teacher and student bond is like no other. 

Kasey Murdoch, a senior, had a hard time picking a favorite teacher, but decided to speak on the impact that Mr. Altobelli has had on her. ¨Mr. Altobelli is my favorite teacher because he made coming to class actually fun and enjoyable, and taught me some of the most useful and important life lessons.¨ Mostly every kid who has been in Mr. Altobelli’s class, has seemed to enjoy the stories he tells and the liveliness of him while teaching.

Tia Cormier says “It’s honestly hard to pick a favorite teacher. There’s so many good qualities about everyone I’ve had. The past 4 years have been made enjoyable by not only the students around me, but the teachers played a big part too. Graduating is going to be bittersweet!” She then spoke about Mr. Caouette, her AP English teacher during her junior year. “He always has interesting discussions and seems like he genuinely cares about every kid’s opinion and well being.” 

Oakmont’s staff is most definitely something to brag about, because most students only have good things to say about the teachers they have had throughout the years. Here’s what a few Spartans had to say about their favorite teachers: 

Mr. Nevard- ¨Mr. Nevard went above and beyond with helping me in school, but also really cares about my well-being which always made me feel motivated. I felt like I had a teacher I could always reach out to.” -Sophia Dellasanta 

Mr. Ethier- “Mr. E is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had at Oakmont. He is a super understanding and down to earth guy. Mr. Ethier is the kind of teacher that really wants to get to know his students on a personal level.” -Lindsey LaFrance 

Mrs. Therrien- “I was excited to learn in her class since I walked in on my first day of freshman year. She makes learning a language genuinely enjoyable and always provides fun activities to make sure we understand everything.” -Elayna Ferrick 

Mr. and Mr. Barry. – “They give you space to be creative at school. They are always there for you whether it be school or life issues!” -Luci Barret & Drew Mcdonald

Mrs. Cote- “She had a class that was genuinely enjoyable, and it was always a class that I was actually happy to be going to.” -Kinsale Carney 

Mr. Secino- “He’s awesome because he makes you really think, and is very fun. Not to mention he has good music taste!” -Luci Barrett