What Your Music Taste Says About You


As you stroll down the sidewalk and feel on top of the world as your earbuds blast your favorite musical tunes. The song ends and anticipation rises, only until a mediocre song comes on. Your mood instantly shifts and you scramble to find another song that will give you that treasured uplifted feeling.

Your favorite genre of music could be someone’s headache overload, so, when sharing an Airpod with a close friend and they tell you to change the song; do you change it? 

An Oakmont senior, Jake Pelkey, who takes his music very seriously, answered, “My airpods and my music.” He elaborates, “They can just take out the airpod.”

According to a researcher at Heriot-Watt University, the reason people sometimes feel defensive about their music might be related to how much it is connected to their attitudes and personality. That’s why you might feel protective or saddened when a friend finds distaste in your favorite song.

But, what can your actual music taste say about you? Don’t you worry, I found a variety of different websites that have come to the same conclusions about your taste in music.

Pop music: You’re extroverted – you’re honest – and you’re conventional. While also being hardworking and having a high self-esteem, research also shows that you tend to be less creative and more uneasy.

Country music: You guys seem to be centered on heartbreak. But, the most emotionally stable out of the bunch. You like to stay in your lane and be in your comfort zone. You are also hardworking and outgoing.

Rap music: A variety of teenagers gravitate to this genre. Research has shown that adults tend to link teenagers and rap and create an aggressive or violent persona. This is not the case! If you enjoy rap, you are kind, outgoing and confident.

Rock music: Again, aggression becomes the stereotype – but – it’s inaccurate! You’re really just introverted and want people to leave you alone. You might struggle confidently, but you are extremely creative.

Indie music: You’re known to be basic but also really smart! You’re shy – you’re quiet – and you’re creative. 

Jazz/blues music: You love music that feeds your soul. Bright – quick-witted – and extroverted are all characteristics that are relevant to you. 

Your favorite songs that you listen to might have a deeper meaning. Psychological studies have shown that your music taste is linked to your cognitive styles: the way you think, react and view the world around us. 

So, it can totally differ on what kind of music you like and what tunes your friend enjoys. Maybe be easy on them when they ask you to change the song. It’s just not their cognitive style.