Dodgeball tourney celebrates Carey’s spirit

Becotte’s Dodgers have some fun


 Colin pic

After enjoying the dodgeball tournament with your homemade t-shirt, silly team names, and the $30 entry fee, remember the real reason as to why you played this game: Mr. Colin Carey. 

This annual fundraiser is to honor Oakmont’s late history teacher, Colin Carey’s love for dodgeball.  Each year, this tournament raises money for the Colin Carey Scholarship which is given to a senior who plans to become a teacher in college. 

In November of 2008, Carey lost his fight against Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Carey, only 31, was a strong man and a fighter, sadly this was a struggle that he could not overcome. 

As quickly as they could, the Oakmont family came together and created this night. His wife, Erin; his parents, John and Phyllis; and sister, Kristen all attended the first annual tournament just four months after Carey’s passing. Immediately, success brought camaraderie and healing and also $1500 in scholarship money.

As Mr. Stiles referenced in the opening introductions of the tourney, Carey was a special teacher and a special person.

“Colin was a passionate Irishman who loved Boston University hockey and the Pittsburgh Steelers, but what he was most passionate about was teaching history and watching his students succeed. Oakmont was lucky to have him,” said Mr. Mark Nevard, English teacher and Carey’s colleague and friend in the early 2000’s.

Like Carey’s collegial passion, this year’s tourney night was filled with energy.  As hats were passed around for donations, 10 teams battled in home-made shirts that sported unique squad names.  Like happens in March, upsets were in the air.  Many of the younger groups had success, knocking off some of the senior entrants. To end the night, two senior squads participated in a bonus match to finish for fun.

This year’s event was organized and facilitated by The Oakmont Student Council, advised by Dan Dufour, and chaired by StuCo members Jordan Augusto, Nick Goodchild, Travis Rusack.  Augusto was impressed by the night as he said, “The dodgeball tournament was a great time. I think that all the teams had fun, and viewers just as much. Always fun to see everyone dress up for their teams’ theme.”

The tourney was won by “Suavemente” which was based on a song played by some baseballers last season. The team was comprised of Ty Curtis, Sam Curtis, Caleb Allen, Watson Mexico, and Jake Harrington, who filled in as a last-second replacement for Ben Forbes.

Champion Ty Curtis said, “It was a fun experience getting the baseball team back together for the tourney.  Going undefeated felt nice.  Next year we hope to repeat the win.”

Other teams included Becotte’s Dodgers (pictured above) not your average joes, the Dodgefathers, and Gym Class Heroes.