Ask Oakmont: Senior Prank

I asked some of the teachers what they thought about the senior prank. here is what some of them responded.

Dewhurst- it was funny, it wasn’t destructive, clever 

Nevard-  clever, harmless, gained attention

Mr.Cote- loved it

Mr.Lizotte- thought it was funny, appropriate, good to see everyone having a good time,” nice to have some other people on campus that early”

Bergin- annoyed, like that it was harmless

Gates- thought it was funny

Mac- loved it

T.Leblanc- it was funny 

Kortegast- thought it was funny, appreciate it not being destructive

Kay- it was good,funny,well planned

Heffernan- liked it, safe,funny

Stefanakis- it was funny and a great prank where no one got hurt a