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Freshly picked Duchess Of Oldenburg apples from Red Apple Farm

Sarah Dellasanta

Freshly picked Duchess Of Oldenburg apples from Red Apple Farm

Laurel Allen, Author

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Did you know? If you ate a different type of apple every day, it would take you 20 years to eat every kind of apple.

From picking apples at a local farm, to baking apple crisp, apples are very popular during the fall season. You are probably used to going to the farm with friends and family as a part of your fall tradition. While caught up in all the fun, nobody ever truly thinks about the apples that they are picking off the tree.

There’s much more behind apples then you might think. According to the University of Illinois, there are 7,500 varieties of apples that are grown worldwide. Here in the United States we grow 2,500 different apple varieties –  that is a ton of apples trees!

Sophomore, Avery Follansbee said, “I would guess that there are probably around 1,000 different types of apples, but honestly I have no clue.” When she found out how many apples varieties there actually are her reaction was, “There’s no way”, she said. “I want to try them all now!”

Most people are familiar with the popular varieties; for example, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Honey Crisp,

Sarah Dellasanta
Freshly picked Duchess Of Oldenburg apples from Red Apple Farm

and Macoun. Here in Massachusetts these are some of the most famous apples. It could be surprising to find out that there are actually a great amount of apples grown locally.

Here are some varieties you probably have never heard of, but most likely have ate once or twice. For example, some lesser known types are the Wealthy, Roxbury Russet, Connell Red, and Aromatic Russet.

Surprisingly, the Wealthy and Roxbury Russet are actually grown right at Red Apple Farm. Most local farms grow many varieties of apples throughout a year. Carlson Orchards in Harvard grows twenty different apple varieties, and Meadowbrook Orchards in Sterling has a smaller orchard and only grows eight variety of apples.

Isn’t it interesting you only ever see a few different apple varieties available for picking, when farms claim to grow 50 different types of apples? This is because different varieties grow best during certain times in the apple season. According to Carlson Orchards, Honey Crisps growing season is September-October, Red Delicious late October, and Ginger Golds as early as the beginning of August. Usually, orchard websites have growing and picking schedules that you can look at.

Here’s something else that’s pretty cool! All apples are good for different things. The apple that’s delicious to just bite into might not be the same variety apple as the one you bake with. Roxbury Russets are known as the perfect cider apple; the taste they add to cider is incredible. On the other hand – Wealthy apples are bitter and tart – perfect for a traditional apple pie! Fuji and Golden Delicious apple are well known for there sweet taste. Those would be the apples to eat right off the branch.

Apples not only are scrumptious in sweets, but they are also very healthy. The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” might actually be true. According to Penn Dental, apples are a simple and easy way to whiten your teeth. The crunch of the apple gets rid of all bacteria and naturally whitens teeth. Eating an apple can help to prevent cancers, diabetes, and heart disease.

There is so much to apples. From the health benefits, to all the tasty treats to make, apples are good for almost everything.

Picking and eating apples may just be a fall festivity for most people, but apples shouldn’t lose their popularity as soon as the autumn season fades away!