Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Annie Skamarycz, Author

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Curious to know Oakmont students’ outlook on 2018 fall fashion trends?
In Cosmopolitan’s article, “20 Outfits You *Need* to Wear This Fall”, they have plenty examples of outfits that are trendy this season. This article features a wide range of colors that are popular to wear this season such as red, orange, beige, white etc.
Whether tall boots or leggings with a sweater, fall fashion has plenty to offer this season. So, what are the opinions of the students?
Oakmont sophomore, Madie Marchand, says, “I like oversized sweatshirts with leggings so I can be comfy and warm.” You can catch plenty of students following this trend this season, whether it’s their sweatshirt from home or merchandise from the school store.
An Oakmont senior who wishes to stay anonymous says, “My favorite fall fashion trends this year are scrunchies, checkerboard vans, and dark skinny jeans.” The checkerboard slip on vans and scrunchies are a huge trend right now – not only at Oakmont, but other schools as well.
Oakmont sophomores, Brianna Belliveau and Eliescia Desmarais, both agreed when they said they liked fuzzy and comfy socks with Birkenstock sandals. This trend is very popular at Oakmont High School this fall season.
Oakmont senior, Nicole Morin, says, “For me, fall is all about dressing in comfy and warm clothes. It’s not too cold, but it’s not too hot. My favorite style this fall is a sweater with cute brown boots. It’s all about the scarves too!” When the weather starts to cool down, throw on some boots with your favorite scarf to stay warm and still be trendy! In Seventeen’s article, “20 Cutest Boots Under $60”, there are plenty of examples of boots that are trendy to wear this fall season.
Along with fall follows football season. Oakmont sophomore, Joey Sibley, says “I like to wear my jersey on game days to rep the team, or just an Oakmont football sweatshirt.”
This fall has a lot of fashion trends to choose from – basic or different. Which is your favorite?