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My Ode to R6

Oh, Ubisoft, how I enjoy your game, your “skilled-based matchmaking” is washed, and your “Anti-Cheat” is more fried than my brain. Oh, the days when I just want to put a hole in my TV screen while yelling at my idiotic teammates through a screen when they can’t even hear me because they have Dollar Tree headsets. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, you’ve angered me to the point that I delete you from my Xbox library, I uninstall you from my installed games.

I do this all because of my idiotic teammates. I guess I can’t blame them seeing that they are only the worst players at Siege. I guess I can’t blame them because they have Dollar Tree headsets. I guess I can’t blame them because they have a low IQ.

I must remind myself whose fault this is; Ubisoft, you are the most brain-dead, stupid company ever created! You created the most dog-crap game there is, it’s worse than the pixelated games from the 80s! I have the most high-performance Xbox on the market and you’re telling me I’m lagging!? Your servers are worse than a meal made by a blind person.

My Copper teammates

Stats for R6 (Connor Catalfamo)

Is the skill-based matchmaking really “skill-based”? To give you some background Copper is the lowest rank and Champion is the highest. If you have a K:D (kill/death ratio) above 1.5, then you are considered good, but if you are a 5.0 K:D Champ, then you are considered a no-life and you don’t touch the grass. I was a 1.3 K:D Emerald(the 3rd highest rank) and I was playing ranked( competitive mode in Seige that goes until round 9 and it’s a 5v5) one day with my 1.5 K:D Gold(mid-rank) cousin Liam Haveran.

We’re are playing the Bomb Gamemode (you win a round by diffusing one of the bombs, there are 2 bombs, or eliminating all the enemy operators.”We’re on Offense, and while I’m droning(droning is trying to find the bomb site and finding enemy operators) my teammates are AFK scrolling on TikTok. When the drone phase was over, we had found the bomb site. My copper teammates rappeled up to a balcony, 5 seconds later they died to an enemy operator, and they died to the most common angle in the game. This is how I already knew that my teammates were bad, my third teammate wasn’t too bad except that he just didn’t do anything. We lose that round, but we take the next round. In the 3rd round my 2 copper teammates pushed the basement site but what do you know, they died in the first seconds of the round to an enemy operator. One of them of course picked up the diffuser (the diffuser is a computer used to diffuse the bomb.) After that happened, I already knew that the round was over. 

After the 3rd round, both teams switch roles. My team is now on defense, our team was picked to defend the 2nd-floor sites. On defense, you have a prep phase where your team has 45 seconds to set up both bomb sites. Traps, barricading, and reinforcing wood walls(wood walls can be shot through and blown up with tier 1 explosives, but reinforced walls are stronger and can only be opened with tier 2 explosives.)  My 2 teammates are AFK doing absolutely nothing, they aren’t setting up a site or finding drones. I’m still reinforcing the site after the prep phase, my cousin is roaming( roaming is a job where you roam around the map and get as many kills as possible.) My 3 teammates didn’t do anything to set up the site and an Amaru (an operator with a grappling gun as a gadget, every operator has a unique gadget) flew into the site and I got absolutely obliterated because my team was nowhere to be found. An Amaru flying into the site is one of the loudest things you will ever hear in the game, first you hear a glass break, and then the barricade breaks and Amaru still has to take out her gun to shoot you. I died because my team wasn’t playing inside the site. Our team lost that round, it is now a 3-1 match point. We go the second floor again and won that round, but what my copper teammates did the next round made my accusation even more verifiable; what they did was so copper it made my blood boil. My teammates opened up an entire soft wall row(soft walls are made in sections, there were 4 soft walls in total lined up) After they opened up the wall I reinforced all the walls because there was no way I was going to lose that game. We somehow won that round: however, we were now in Overtime(when the score was 3-3 the game goes into overtime where it is won by 2.)  During the 7th round, my copper teammates left, it’s now a 3v5. This was the downfall of the game. No, it’s not some superhero fairy tale where the hero somehow pulls through and wins, we got obliterated in the 7th round and the next round was even worse, the end score was 5-3. The final Scoreboard showed my cousin and I with 7 eliminations each my other teammate with 5 eliminations and my 2 copper teammates with 0 eliminations and 8 deaths each. Only if Ubisoft had paired me with decent teammates who could play the game and not sell me to the brink of exploding on them with the most hateful and scornful message, now the average siege player’s message would include a racist insult and a high chance of a racial slur. Still, I didn’t want to get reported. Most of the time there is someone on your team just waiting to rip on you for little things. Yes, I have done this before as well; in my defense; the reason I say these things is because I’m mad at Ubisoft for pairing me with idiot coppers. 

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Connor Catalfamo is part of the class of 2027 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is his first year being part of The Oakmonitor. He is part of the Oakmont Varsity Ice Hockey team  this year. Connor is in charge of updating the Daily Sports Sticker. In his free time, he likes to go on walks or bike rides with friends and family. He enjoys riding his Four-Wheeler in the summer, baking/cooking, and traveling to new places. Connor loves to spend time watching movies, playing hockey on a pond, and playing with his dog. He is excited to learn more things while being a part of Journalism.

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    Harrison MorandApr 12, 2024 at 1:13 pm

    Yeah I think I’ll just spend my money of a different game