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Fun Things to Try This Summer!

Chillin’ on the beach

 Thrilling Things to Try this Summer


Are you home alone? Do you have nothing to do this summer? Well, we have the solution…

Four writers, 3 Sophomores and a Freshman, from the Oakmonitor will talk about some of their favorite things to do in the summer.



Do you ever remember the thrill of going tubing? Holding on for dear life itself. Whipping around, with you almost falling off. Your lower half is in the water while holding on. Now you have to live in fear of climbing up the ladder on the boat with no shorts. So you have to decide whether to hold on to that tube or to just freefall. This is one of the many things that you can try this summer.



Have you ever just felt like going camping and challenging yourself to how long you can make it? Well, one thing you can try this summer is to go camping with some of your friends to test yourself.



Summer is the perfect time to go hiking. Imagine enjoying nature in warm weather and beautiful scenery- doesn’t that sound perfect? Not to mention, you’re getting in some good exercise too. It’s always fun to explore somewhere new and/or far away- however, if you prefer to stay local, there’s a good chance there’s a trail near you. 



Who doesn’t love hamburgers, ribs, steaks, and grilled chicken? If you are also into vegetables/produce, grilled corn, baked beans, and even grilled pineapple (though it’s not a vegetable, it’s still great). You also get to listen to music, hang out with family and friends, and play lawn games: bean bag toss, checkers, and the whole 9 yards. And perhaps the greatest thing about barbeques are the campfires, as they almost always mean s’mores. More on that later. Yet, isn’t it great that you can combine the thrill of trying new foods, and hanging out with people? That’s what a proper BBQ is all about.



Aren’t s’mores just great? A good thing about them is you can customize your s’more in many ways. I like to get 2 graham crackers, and then put a bar of chocolate and a marshmallow between them, stuffed with a maraschino cherry and sealed with peanut butter. Before it’s fully assembled, I like to also drizzle some chocolate or caramel sauce over the top of it (sometimes both if I’m feeling adventurous). Enough about what I do, though. As I said earlier, s’mores are for everyone because you can “fine tune” your s’more to your liking. It’s all about the thrill of creation (and trying something new). How do you do your smores?


Theme Parks…

If you’re an adrenaline junkie this is perfect for you- this summer, you should definitely head to your nearest theme park and get on a roller coaster. Think about it, the sheer thrill from twisting in every direction to that feeling in your stomach when the coaster drops- nothing beats it. And for those who aren’t necessarily into being upside-down, theme parks offer plenty of other rides for you to enjoy all season. 



If you like roller coasters, then you will like ziplining, the only thing is, it’s scarier. On a roller coaster, you don’t have to worry about a cord breaking and falling to your death, but that would never happen. If you are an adrenaline junkie then you would love flying on a cord above a canyon.


Four wheeling/dirt biking…

3 words; fun as hell, though expensive, it can be really fun. Going fast down hills and drifting around corners are certainly the best parts of four-wheeling. Dirt bikes are different, drifting is a little harder, and you don’t have 4-wheel drive, but it’s still the same thing.


What should you do?

It won’t matter if you are on your 2nd-grade, 10th-grade grade, or senior-year summer vacation, things like theme parks, camping, and making s’mores will always be fun things to do in the summer. No matter the age. Now, get out and about and have some fun!

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About the Contributors
Harrison Morand
Harrison Morand, Reporter
Harrison Morand is a sophomore in the Oakmont class of 2026. This is his 2nd year of being in The Oakmonitor. Harrison is also a Political Discussion Club and Debate Club member. He is an honors student and enjoys Tech Ed classes. He also swims, runs Track in his free time, and likes being outdoors. He works at Market Basket for a weekend job and is in his 2nd year there. Topics like gaming, tech, and work influence his writing. 
John Morand
John Morand, Reporter
John Morand is part of the class of 2026 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is his first year being part of The Oakmonitor. He did spring track and field and is also part of the debate club. In his free time, John likes to watch basketball and other sports, as well as playing video games. He also really enjoys history and watching TV shows. John loves spending time with his family and friends, and he’s excited to gain some great experience while being part of the Oakmonitor.
Landon Matewsky
Landon Matewsky, Reporter
Landon Matewsky is part of the class of 2026 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is his first year being part of The Oakmonitor. He enjoys playing soccer. Landon works at the Angler. In his free time, he likes to hangout with friends and family and play sport. He enjoys swimming in the summer, cooking, traveling to new places and go camping with friends. Landon loves to spend time watching movies, going outside, and shopping. He is excited to learn more things while being a part of Oakmonitor.
Connor Catalfamo
Connor Catalfamo, Reporter
Connor Catalfamo is part of the class of 2027 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is his first year being part of The Oakmonitor. He is part of the Oakmont Varsity Ice Hockey team  this year. Connor is in charge of updating the Daily Sports Sticker. In his free time, he likes to go on walks or bike rides with friends and family. He enjoys riding his Four-Wheeler in the summer, baking/cooking, and traveling to new places. Connor loves to spend time watching movies, playing hockey on a pond, and playing with his dog. He is excited to learn more things while being a part of Journalism.

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