Senior Halloween Party


Everyone looks forward to the exclusive things seniors have: one main event being the Senior Halloween Party. What goes on at the party you may ask? Everyone dresses up in fun and unique costumes, plays different games, and just hangs out!


Firstly, I say we talk about all the unique and creative costumes there were. A handful of people did group costumes, while another handful did individual costumes. Everyone at the party dressed up in some sort of costume, including the staff. Some costumes were minimal and simple, while others had noticeable amounts of effort put into their costumes.  


Here we have the winners of the night for best group costume: cops and robbers!

From left to right, Peyton Collins, Austin Grimley, Allyson Foley, Gabe Marchant, Kaya Engelmann, Sophpia O’brien, Billy Wirtanen, and Allison Sowerbutts 

This group costume was definitely a fan favorite, catching the eyes of anyone who looked in their direction. Each of their costumes was well done, and really captured the cops and robbers idea well!

Here, we have the best duo, Wandavision!

From left to right, Emma Yoder and Mykala Scott

Most everyone agrees this costume duo really took the cake. I mean, how could you miss Emma Yoder’s bright red face? The effort put into these costumes were unmatched, and these two really deserved the reward they earned.


Here are some other really creative and fun costumes seen at the party:

From left to right, Izak Hannula and Ryan McKenna



From left to right, Ella Brostorm and Olivia Tabor


From left to right, Ariana Goulkin in the red dress, Dylan Pearsall sitting next to Goulkin and on the right is Arson Silverman and Sammie Hill


Pictured above is Makayla Hyde


The party wasn’t just costumes and food though, we played an array of fun games! The first game of the night was the classic musical chairs. Since there were a lot of us, it had to be one of the biggest games of musical chairs I’ve ever seen. 

Watching the game up close was really entertaining. When the music stopped, 9/10 times there was a mini battle for the remaining chair. Some people sat on top of each other, others pushed each other, some just stood there and gave up. We played musical chairs multiple times, each time giving a new winner. 


The second game of the night was donut eating. Now, at first when hearing “donut eating contest,” you think it means who can eat the most donuts, right? Well, instead of that, we had strings tied to the ceiling, and on the other end of the string was a donut. Contestants weren’t allowed to use their hands, and had to eat the donut directly from the string without letting it fall. Some donuts fell and created a mess, but it was worth the laughs and smiles that followed.


The final game, toilet paper wrapping. Students would get into groups and assign one group member to be the wrapper. The rest of the group would stand in a tight circle, and when the music started, the wrapper would run in circles around their group and wrap them up with toilet paper. The winner of this game had to be the group with the most toilet paper. In the end, cops and robbers won, but their toilet paper was so tight, they couldn’t break free. The other groups could just walk out of the toilet paper, but this group couldn’t, no matter how hard they tried. Some students fell in an attempt to break free, and it was definitely the laugh of the night. 


Overall, the senior Halloween party was everything it’s made out to be. A relaxed, but still a fun and entertaining party. A place to dress up with your friends and eat yummy food and just have some laughs.