Crystals for your health


Have you ever wondered if healing crystals actually work?  Well with the starter information in this article you can find out! 

Useful Crystals for Starters

To start off, there are many different types of crystals that can help you every day, and with specific things. According to Oprah Daily, here are some most common crystals people start off with.  

Amethyst: This beautiful purple crystal, The Amethyst crystal, is a pretty common crystal people have.  Amethyst is most commonly used to help with anxiety and getting a good night’s sleep.  The Amethyst mostly targets the ‘Crown Chakra’.  Amethyst, when used, brings the user a sense of physical and emotional tranquility.  The Amethyst’s specific healing properties include helping headaches and migraines, helping with pain relief, and strengthening intuition (or the crown chakra).  

Rose Quartz:  This light pink-hued crystal, Rose Quartz, is most commonly known for helping enhance love and new relationships.  Rose Quartz also brings a sense of peace if you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. 

 Black Tourmaline:  This dark crystal, Black Tourmaline (along with a few other crystals like it), is most known for absorbing negative energy and vibes that come your way and getting rid of toxic energy that could affect you.  Black Tourmaline is associated with the Root Chakra.  So it is useful to help ground you when life feels overwhelming.  

Selenite:  This fragile clear toned crystal, The Selenite crystal, is known as an “Aura Cleanser.” The crystal supposedly clears out the day’s vibes and replaces the bad vibes with good vibes.  It gives the user a more peaceful flow of energy.  When you want to use Selenite, use it like a wand around your body, to cleanse out your aura.  (Also a tip: Selenite dissolves in water, so keep it in a dry place.)  

Citrine: This yellow toned crystal,  Citrine, is best used for giving people that feel “stuck” a jolt of energy and confidence.  It is suggested that you place Citrine on your belly or solar plexus chakra while resting.  This crystal will loosen up knotted up energy and restore the good flowing energy and vibes within.  

Jade:  We all want luck in our lives!  The Jade crystal is most commonly known for bringing luck into people’s lives which is what makes it so popular.  Jade is considered ‘A portable lucky charm’.  Jade is said to bring abundance and prosperity into the material realm of things (dollar signs), as well as in the social sphere.  Wearing the Jade stone on your left hand or wrist is said to bring blessings from the universe. 

 Clear Quartz:  If you want to press the “reset” button on your life, Clear Quartz is the crystal for you!  Most commonly known as the “master crystal.” Clear Quartz is used for dimming the inner noise and clarifying your goals in life as well as some healing properties.  Place your Clear Quartz crystal by your window to soak up solar energy.  In which will transfer to you and shine away the bad.  

Rhodochrosite:  Have you ever had your heart broken? Was it difficult to mend your broken heart? Well, this beautiful pink crystal was practically made for helping with breakup recoveries.  If you use Rhodochrosite while meditating –to help stimulate the heart chakra– it helps you to build up self love and confidence.  This crystal will help set you up for your next romantic adventure. 

 Lapis Lazuli:  This sparkly blue and grey crystal, Lapis Lazuli, helps with the throat chakra.  This crystal is said to be the best one to put at your work space.  It helps make a free flow of communication amongst you and your colleagues.  It also encourages clarity and directness.  

And finally, last but not least, 

Chrysocolla:  This beautiful blue crystal is known as the “all in one” crystal.  It helps with all of the chakras.  With helping with all of the chakras it helps tune the body into having psychic abilities.  While meditating, or lying or sitting around you may see a flash of the future.  When you use Chrysocolla, place it on any of your chakras to re-activate them to help them perform to the best of their abilities.  

How to care for your crystals after uses

Once you start using crystals, you have to care for them and cleanse them after use.  They can absorb negative energy and then transfer it back to you.  Here are some methods to use.  

Method One: You can put the crystals in a bowl of water, and take some salt and put the salt in your hand and think of good pure intentions you want in your crystal.  Then slowly pour the salt over the crystal/crystals.  Next, cover the bowl with the crystals inside and put it outside, so they can absorb the good energies from nature.  

Method Two: According to Oprah Daily- Give your crystals a salt bath, in a bowl of Himalayan salt water for 48 hours.  That will cleanse your crystals with pure energies. 

Method Three: According to Oprah Daily- Burning sage or palo santo smudge sticks and waving them over your crystals can cleanse your crystals of negative energy.  (Also, another tip, now that you’ve started using your crystals, pay attention to the lunar calendar.  On New and Full Moons, place your crystals in the window to charge them.)   ((As well as certain crystals need certain cleansing routines.  You can just use google and find a good source to figure it out.))