Senior Year

We’ve finally made it!

Rachael Law, Editor

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Poster in Four Corners referencing the popular tv show ‘Friends’.

Here we are, senior year. We’re finally on top of the school. We survived being underclassmen and conquered what we were told would be the hardest year. Life is good.

But as senior year beckons, so do college applications. We begin to fall prey to the stress of applying to college and figuring out the next steps in our life and this just becomes another hoop to jump through. Easily, we begin to live in the future instead of focusing on the opportunities in front of us.

The temptation is to act as if senior year doesn’t matter and that college is much more important. It’s hard to focus on the present when there is so much out there in the future. The term for this is senioritis.

The key is to slow down and appreciate senior year. Make sure to stay focused but at the same time enjoy our time before the real word. Here are five ways to make the most of this final year.

  • Start something new

By now you know what your interests  are and what clubs and sports you belong to. But have you ever thought about starting something new? Branch out of your comfort zone and see what other clubs

and organizations you fit into. Even if it’s as simple as going to ping pong club on Tuesdays with Mr. Kostich. Something new could also mean sitting at a different lunch table and making new friends. The opportunities are endless, and if you find something you’re passionate about, it’ll be easy to find that escape from the pressure of organizing the future.

  • Do something that challenges you

We’ve taken all the required courses, so why not try something completely different. If you’re a really big English or History person try a new science or math class. If you’ve seen the art hanging in the halls and always wanted to try it, take an art or graphic design class. If you don’t have room in your schedule see if you can fit it in outside of school. Stay after in the library and tutor students that may need help. Remember, a challenge can also be saying hello to a new student or someone you don’t know.

  •  Make space for college

Applications will be due before we know it. While you’re out having fun make sure you write that college essay and get those recommendation letters. This is also a great time to visit the schools you’ve been thinking about and figure out if you would be a good fit. Guidance is also holding visits with college representatives from all around New England. This is a great way to talk with someone who knows about the school and find out what kind of programs they have. You can sign up through Naviance or email your councilor.

  • Be a leader

We’ve paid our dues and be a follower all these years. Freshman year we joined clubs and sports and watched upperclassmen lead us. Now it’s our turn. Embrace our leadership and take charge. Yes, team captain or club president, but what about The Friends Club or Unified Basketball or Track. Or, find a couple of freshman to mentor and make their transition into high school easier.

  • Reconnect with friends and family

While you’re busy with your classes and trying to keep up with college demands, don’t forget to make time for your friends and family. Come down from your room every once in a while to see your family. Remember that they are going to miss you once you go away. Go to a football game with your friends or just hang out at someone’s house. Either way spend all the time you can with them!

This year is going to fly by before we know it. Stay focused on the present but at the same time remember to prepare yourself for the future. Make the most of senior year!