What are your thoughts on going to school during April Break?


Mark Nevard

Seniors love Dr. Stewart – celebrate April break

What are your thoughts on going to school during April break?

(Collected) By Mia Grabias

Students were asked their opinion anonymously so we can see their true points of view. There are many different opinions, grades, and reactions.

“I don’t like the fact that our April break will be taken away if they choose to do so because like we still get out on the same date so it doesn’t affect us much.”

“We should have our April break taken away, I would want our April break taken more than my summer break.”

“I don’t want a shorter summer, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

“I honestly don’t care what option is made because it doesn’t make a difference, to be honest.”

“I’d rather have summer taken because I’m going on vacation.”

“I think it’s all just a mess, we shouldn’t have our April break taken or a shorter summer break.”

“I’d rather have my April break taken because I heard that we won’t do much in school because of how many people will be on vacation.”

“I say our April break taken does it look like I want my summer to be even shorter than it already is?”

“I want my April break if we have to go to school I’m gonna plan a vacation since it would be excused.”

“I don’t care about either, I don’t have plans for summer or break.”

“I get out in May so it doesn’t matter to us I just think the seniors should still get their April break at least.”

“Well, I’m going on vacation so I could care less.”

“I like that it is gonna be taken I don’t want us to go too late into summer and since I will be going to PR I won’t have much to do as I’m not in school but on a school trip.”