Birthday Thoughts


Birthday Thoughts
By Kelly Sandmann

Birthdays have always been odd for me. I can see why people do celebrate them though, you’re one year older and now you get cool gifts that you might never use in the next year or two but that’s alright it’s all in the moment and that’s what matters . . . right.

One thing some people “hate” about their birthday is if it falls on a school day. I’ve never had my birthday on a school day which is shocking because my birthday is at the end of May (May 29th). But if your birthday is in the range of September 1st – June 25th you’re known to be in the “Danger Zone” since having a birthday in school is “hell” or something like that. But honestly is it really that bad? Like, you get to see your friends at school and you get a little more appreciation for that day from people and if you want to go a little far you could let them do things for you (but expect to do things for them when it’s their birthday).

Something I dislike about birthdays is being asked “What do you want for your birthday?” and then that person being mad that you don’t know what you want. For example, I don’t really think about what I want for my birthday. It’s mostly something that gets pushed to the back of my thoughts until I get asked the question for the 50th time. Which I understand, asking the question, if your birthday is close. Like I get it if your birthday is June 29th and it’s June 12th of course you will be asked what you want, since Amazon shipping is a pain for some people and they want everything prepped up and all for your “big special day” that is the start of your existence.

Now, I’m not shaming on birthdays. I think they are a great way to celebrate a day for someone because everyone needs a special day for them. Well not everyone, myself included I’m not a big fan of having a day centered around myself it’s a bit pressuring in a way. Since now everyone knows you because of one day and they want to get around you, it’s just . . . odd. Sometimes people don’t want someone in their space, especially if you don’t know them but you don’t want to be rude and be “hey could you give me some space” since some people could take that the wrong way and never talk to you again. Which might seem excessive, but some people take things to heart.

I’m not here to pick a part why birthdays shouldn’t exist and all, that’s not really my job. I just feel like it doesn’t really make sense on how people act on a birthday and such. But everything has ups and downsides and I think that’s what a birthday is, you can never get an equal slice of everything, not even a “day about you”.