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The First Week of School: One Sophomore’s Perspective

First week was A LOT – But lots of exciting opportunities ahead
Abby K Gabrielle T

The first day of school is here! So many people and so many new freshmen running in the halls. Definitely,  I was not ready for this day to come, but it came, and here we are. The day was filled with lectures and expectation sheets.  There were so many things happening at once, and I was all over the place. Homeroom was about half an hour long. Classes weren’t as long as usual;  there was a different lunch schedule, and I was lost trying to find my classes in my sophomore year of high school. Seriously,  a great way of starting the new year. 

On the second day of school we had picture day, and another funky schedule with a four station rotation.  I was over it really; it was just repetitive things all over again, talking about the school rules once more. Quite boring, if you ask me – but necessary I suppose. I thought the building was absolutely freezing, and having to sit in a really cold auditorium isn’t the best experience ever. 

It hasn’t even been a week, and I already have to write an essay. It has been a day, and I’m writing an assigned essay on how I feel about the school rules and expectations. I genuinely didn’t know how to feel about it. I mean it has only been a day, there’s really no room for opinions.  It’s not like my opinion is going to affect or change the hand book. We have rules to follow, that is what we do, and there’s not much to say about the school rules. Adding in to this, we had a day to write the essay and I was given more homework from other classes too. School is hard. Uggh!

On Wednesday, our school-wide literacy day, had yet another hard schedule. We had an extended homeroom because they talked to us about this  updated phone policy. Our school offered a twenty four hour challenge of not being on your phone, and I really don’t even know what to say about that challenge. I mean there are a lot of people who can live without their cell phones. There is truly no need to be so addicted, and to not have a life outside of your electronics. I mean, from those who are in my homeroom. I think that phones are a daily need, and I absolutely agree that they can be a distraction, but  there could be ways of working around this ¨No phone¨ policy. Phones are used in case of any emergency and for communicating with everyone. Sure, students may not need to be communicating with someone during school hours but things happen, and it’s always good to have your source of communication. The fact is, it is  a school rule, and we all have to follow it and be respectful to our teachers and peers. 

On Thursday, we had another questionable schedule, and we had to be in the homeroom again for another half an hour and talk about “Goal Setting”, and the cell phone thing again. I feel that after one thirty minute lecture that it should be enough talking about the cell phone situation ; however, that was not the case at all! We were still getting one more lecture about it. I truly wish people would listen to the expectations and not make it any more harder than it already is. There is no reason why we have to listen to our fellow teachers talk about the phone policy that is also in the student hand book that we all got to read, but there will always be those students who don’t know how to behave in school and how to follow the expectations. At least it was the last day of that week, meaning that the week after we could all start fresh again. 

Guys. . .  The first week was so rough – for me anyways; however, my friends and I made it through and we are all still on track with all of the work that we were given. My plans for this year is to be more involved with the school by participating in sports, clubs,  and attending games and activities. Definitely, try some things in school. There’s a lot to do here, and I definitely prefer being busy with something than doing nothing. There are many clubs to try out:   Art Club, The Spartan Kitchen,  Table Tennis Club, Friends Club, and of course, The Oakmonitor Club. I know as a freshman that it could be hard to fit in, make friends, and just generally get adapted to high school life; However, joining clubs and sports really helps build friendships, and sooner or later, you will be fully adapted to the wonderful high school life.

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Genesis Cruz Torres is part of the Oakmont Class of 2026. This is her first year in the Oakmonitor. She is in charge of the Breaking News! Genesis is a part of the baking club, and looks forward to playing lacrosse in the Spring for Oakmont. Outside of Oakmont, she plays club volleyball in New Hampshire. She started when she was four years old in Puerto Rico and has continued playing ever since. She is funny and outgoing. 

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