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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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Hot or Not: Jean Clothing


I love Jeans, you love jeans, most people love jeans. Popularized in the 50s jeans have been one of the most iconic parts of fashion, with additions being added, such as jean jackets, jean skirts, jean dresses, and much more. But when is enough, enough? When does the fashion trend get out of hand? Jean hats? Jean shoes? Let’s look into it. Starting from simple to “insane” jean clothing.


1: Jean Skirts 

They’re pleated, their long, they’re covered in rhinestones, jean skirts have been popular for a long time, starting all the way back in the 70s when people started cutting their jeans that didn’t fit into something new: a jkirt! Invented by Elainya Rainbow, they quickly caught on and became a new love for the fashion industry. But are they still hot in 2023? Fall fashion says yes! Maxi denim skirts are starting to trend for a cute fall look paired with a comfy sweater or blouse. 


2: Jean Jackets 

Loved by all genders alike nowadays, jean jackets were invented in the 1880s, and mostly worn by cowboys and railroad workers. In the 1940s, women started wearing it too, popularized by Marilin Monroe herself,  everyone seemed to enjoy the cute and stylish jacket. But does 2023 agree? 2023 says its a not for the rest of this year, dying around the 2010s, it won’t be uncommon to still see them, but on the fashion runway? Not so much.


3: Jean Dresses

Invented all the way in the 17th century, denim dresses are one of the oldest of the jean styles. Only really gaining popularity for teens in the 70s, it seemed to be a “rebel” look for the decade, if you wanted to stand out it was one of your best choices. Later in 1983 inspiring denim mini skirts, it was definitely a favorite for many years, but is it hot? 2023 says yes, but they specifically favor a specific style: strapless and with a black belt. We will almost definitely see it on the runway for the next season. 


4: Jean Sneakers 

Designed in the 1970s, Levi only released the jean sneakers decades later, much history of these shoes are overlooked, but it has never been very popular fashion-wise. What does fashion trends say for this year? Looks like it is a not, but they did have a small rise of popularity in spring 2023 with Nike hopping on the trend with denim Air Jordans. But, other than that, the future says no to jean sneakers (and for a good reason in my opinion). 


So to close it off, jean/denim clothing has had its ups and downs in fashion, but only a few will live to be on another cover of a magazine, the question is, will you join the trends? Or will you make a statement? Your choice.  



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About the Contributor
Lily Harris, Reporter
Lily Harris is a first-year member of the Oakmonitor, she is a sophomore and participates in many clubs occasionally participating in Art, OEA, the Musical, Debate, Spartan Kitchen, Table Tennis, ASL, GSA, and directed this year's interclass play. She is in her second year of OTV and is excited to be able to talk about the news in different ways. She loves her cats, doing things for her community, and believes in looking presentable for school. In her free time she skis, skates, bikes, walks, and does whatever she can to stay active. 

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