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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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PDA: Don’t do it at school!


Do you ever try to go class to class in the hallway and you pass by THAT couple? You’re probably thinking a few things, “ew,” or “gross,” definitely pass your mind as you see them nuzzling up, kissing, and saying their goodbyes as if they don’t see each other next class. This is called public displays of affection, or PDA for short. “But I kiss in the hallways and I don’t think it’s gross!” That’s because you aren’t looking at it from everyone else’s perspective, so allow me to clear up any delusions for you. 

1: ”Nobody notices”

Wrong! If you are kissing your partner in the middle of the hallway every day, EVERYONE NOTICES, and everyone is side-eyeing their friends, making a face, pretending to throw up, or maybe are actually throwing up. Lots of people make fun of these people, so if this first reason doesn’t convince you, then how about a couple more reasons?

2: ”It doesn’t hurt anyone!”

Ever heard of Mono? Infectious Mononucleosis, aka mono or the KISSING disease, is pretty straightforward to its nickname. You get it from the frequent exchange of saliva, and then you can’t go to school, your throat is killing you, you are nauseous, and usually, you have to go to the doctor. That’s where you get to explain to your parents exactly how you got sick; how embarrassing.

3: ”It’s not against any rules”

Really? Almost everyone knows that it’s in the Oakmont student handbook, and to quote it, “Students will be warned of PDA and continuing incidents of public affection will be dealt with through our discipline code,” so is it really worth detention? 

So to finalize this, I hope all readers understand, and most agree that school PDA is, bluntly, gross. To quote the handbook, “There is a time and place for everything and Oakmont rooms and hallways are not the place for public displays of affection. Those who are confronted by public displays of affection are frequently embarrassed and uncomfortable and such situations are not necessary.” It’s not needed in the environment of a school, just kiss your partner at the movies or in your room, as long as it isn’t at school. 

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About the Contributor
Lily Harris, Reporter
Lily Harris is a first-year member of the Oakmonitor, she is a sophomore and participates in many clubs occasionally participating in Art, OEA, the Musical, Debate, Spartan Kitchen, Table Tennis, ASL, GSA, and directed this year's interclass play. She is in her second year of OTV and is excited to be able to talk about the news in different ways. She loves her cats, doing things for her community, and believes in looking presentable for school. In her free time she skis, skates, bikes, walks, and does whatever she can to stay active. 

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