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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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Ms. Martin’s Psychology’s classes experiment with human behavior

Aiyana Sanborn
Olivia Palubeckis gives a good job pet!

In Ms. Martin’s Psychology Class students performed multiple experiments to collect data on the investigation of human behavior.

Some experiments were: 

  • If there is a connection between smell vs taste?
  • Does music help you concentrate?
  • The Stroop Effect.
  • Gender memorization (do boys or girls memorize things better?)
  • Does pressure affect performance?

“At the beginning of the semester they learn about how scientists test their theories, and at the end of the unit they create their own hypothesis of something they are interested in and test it,” said Martin.

As mentioned, students had a variety of topics to choose from, but they chose one in particular that they wanted to learn abou

Post-Test love for buzz given from Justin Kipp (Aiyana Sanborn)

t to a greater extent and see how it affects different people. After making this decision carefully they took it a step further. They performed an experiment – based on a course topic – in many classrooms throughout the school. They also chose a group of specific students that participated to make it all successful.


One specific experiment of the many conducted was whether or not cats reduce stress and affect the grades on the test that the students were given. Student Naiya Bond, brought in her furry friend, Buzz, to assist her in finding a solution for her hypothesis.

Students of varying grades, ages, and grade levels were asked to come into Ms. Bergin’s room and love on her furry friend before the test was taken. Afterwards, the grades were assessed and her hypothesis was proven correct! The cat did in fact decrease the stress levels of the students, and more than 50% of the students that saw and pet Buzz did better!

Hydeia Hamilton getting an A+ after taking a test with Buzz the cat! (Aiyana Sanborn)


Some generous teachers we’d like to recognize who gave up their rooms for the students to be successful: Mrs. Campagna, Ms. O’Neill, Mr. Napolitano, Ms. Bergin, and the gym. Without these teachers sacrificing their rooms, students wouldn’t have had a place to test their hypothesis, but luckily we have great teachers willing to help; therefore, everything worked out!

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Rachel Simkewicz, Sports Reporter/ Reporter
Rachel Simkewicz is part of the Class of 2025. This is her first year writing for the Oakmonitor team. Besides the Oakmonitor she is a part of SADD, Spartan Center, and NHS. She also plays field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse. When she is not playing sports or at school, she is hanging out with friends or family, at the beach, or working. She also maintains the daily sports score on the homepage daily.
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Aiyana Sanborn, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
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