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OPINION: Why Coaches Have an Effect on Players

Caylin Joyce

My coaches are the reason I quit.

If you ask my coaches, they’d say I was too sensitive. 

I have played many sports in the past like softball, soccer, basketball, boxing, etc. I’m humble enough to know that I wasn’t the best at some sports I have played. But I know for a fact my coaches had a big role on me as a player.

Throughout my 15 years of living, I’ve encountered great coaches, and coaches that made me lose my love for the sport. In my opinion, coaches are the reason players quit. 

Coaches have favorites, and when they say they don’t, they’re lying. I would know because I’ve been the favorited, and have been the ignored. 

When you’re the ignored, you might feel bad about yourself. You might think that you’re not good enough or not as good as everyone else even though you’re putting a lot of work into everything you’re assigned to do. Student, class of 2027 Brielle Boucher speaks up.

 “I do dance. I’ve had my ups and downs with teachers, some grow my love for the sport while others make my love for it go down.”

Boucher says with pity in her voice as I comforted her. I totally agree with her.

Coaches I’ve had in the past claim that I’m “too sensitive” or “not hardworking enough” when in reality they’re too focused on the players they call their own, that they never look over their shoulder to see the players who deserve the recognition. 

After a long practice, I’d just want to go home but then I’d get called over by the coach to rake up the field, clean up cones, and spray lines, even after all the work I had put in at practice that the coach never recognized. I’d do it because I wanted to be noticed by the coach and to be liked just a bit more, but then the next day’s practice occurs and I’m forgotten about once again. 

I wouldn’t go home crying or anything like that, but I definitely felt worthless and like I had failed again to do good when in reality, I was just never acknowledged. 

This is all the bad, but what if you have a good coach? A coach who doesn’t only focus on the players who are better than you. A coach who takes time to help you instead of forgetting about you. 

Although I’ve had lots of toxic coaches, I’ve also had plenty of amazing coaches who have gotten me back into the sport I thought that was never meant for me but in actuality, I was just never accepted. 

I guess it all depends on how you envision it. Maybe not. 

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About the Contributor
Caylin Joyce
Caylin Joyce, Reporter
Caylin Joyce is part of the class of 2027 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is her first year being part of The Oakmonitor. Caylin works as a babysitter  for multiple people. In her free time, she likes to go on walks or be with her sister and nephews. She enjoys working out and occasionally boxing. Caylin loves to spend time with friends, and watching greys anatomy. She is excited to learn more things while being a part of journalism.

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