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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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The history of Easter

Historians believe that the celebration of Easter has been observed since the 2nd century, but the exact date of its origin is unknown. According to Christianity, Easter is a holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is celebrated every first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. The day after Easter Sunday, people celebrate Easter Monday, which is observed by reflecting on Jesus’s sacrifices and resurrection.

Nowadays, some popular Easter traditions include hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard or sharing a special meal with family. However, Easter celebrations and traditions have evolved and aren’t always the same as they are today.

Easter originated in England as a Christian and Pagan holiday celebrating the beginning of spring. It was celebrated by Christians.

According to, the exact origins of the Easter bunny are unknown, but it became a tradition from German immigrants in the 1700s. Over time, it spread across the United States and became a popular custom. Originally, children would make nests for the Easter bunny to lay eggs. This tradition eventually got replaced by Easter baskets and everyone started doing it this way.

Another known tradition of Easter is Easter eggs. According to, Early Christians in Mesopotamia dyed eggs after Easter. This custom spread across Western Europe and it eventually became an Easter tradition.

Easter is also celebrated during church. According to, many people go to Sunrise services which happen during the morning. Sunrise services are an event held in the church that celebrates a sign of recognition that Jesus isn’t in the tomb anymore on Easter Sunday. Sometimes, churches have a special lunch after this event and everyone at the church is welcome to join. According to Time Magazine, this event has been a tradition since 1773.

How Is Easter Celebrated Across the World?

Easter is celebrated in many countries but it is often celebrated differently around the world. According to, around 95 countries celebrate Easter.

In the USA, one of our famous Easter traditions is the White House’s Easter Egg roll. This started in 1878 as a fun activity to roll yourself or Easter eggs down Capitol Hill. Some other traditions like Easter egg hunts and decorating Easter eggs are also very popular in the USA.

In Mexico, they celebrate Easter with two major celebrations: Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Pascua (Easter) According to, during Semana Santa families gather for special meals and go to church, locals hang up woven palms to ward off evil, and parades take place. Pascua marks Easter Day and is celebrated with festivals, special meals, and rituals.

In Europe, a lot of different countries celebrate Easter with a celebration called “Judas Fires”. These are rituals of burning statues of Judas that usually happen on or before Easter. This celebration happens as a symbol of getting rid of one’s evil and beginning a new year in purity.

Like the United States, Europe also celebrates Easter by exchanging chocolate eggs and going egg hunting. People also decorate eggs, make Easter bonnets and baskets, and go to church.

According to, Christian communities in Africa celebrate Easter from the Thursday before Easter called Maundy Thursday. People decorate churches with clothes that have butterflies and flowers on them, attend mass, share a special meal, and dance. states that Christians in Jerusalem walk the same path they believe Jesus took before his crucifixion on Good Friday before attending mass. In the Philippines, people whip their backs with blades and bamboo sticks to show worship and supplication.

Australia also has some similar celebrations with the United States and Europe by going on egg hunts and having brunch with family and friends. Based on, Christians in Australia also celebrate Easter by enjoying hot cross buns, camping, and going to the beach.

In conclusion, there are many diverse Easter traditions around the world, and a lot have expanded over time. This year, Easter falls on March 31, and you can celebrate by going on egg hunts, attending mass, hanging out with friends and family, and much more.

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