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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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Finding Clarity in the Chaos: Ways to Reset


It’s 6:00 AM, the alarm is blaring, and your brain runs like a clock that never stops ticking until the day is done. Between social and educational standards, you are always working hard to do your best. 

It’s starting to feel like you can hardly breathe and the only break you get is when you sleep. Your life feels like a busy mess and you don’t know how to clean it up. Here are a couple of ways to click the reset button and clear your head to become more productive. 

Reorganizing or decluttering your room is scientifically proven to have benefits on productivity and completion of tasks. According to a study done by Princeton University, our environment can have a major impact on our ability to focus on certain tasks. 

If the space around you is a chaotic mess, your brain most likely will be too. Taking the time to organize your area could help your overall mental health. Even redecorating your room to give the sense of a new start can create relief in the mind. 

A digital detox: A break from technology for a day or two can do so much for the mind, body, and soul. The Cardinal Clinic states 5 reasons why to do this: improved sleep quality, less stress/anxiety, increased productivity, enhanced social connections, and better self-awareness.  

I know everyone says to stay off the phone and disconnect from online, but for a digital detox, you only need to withhold for a day. It feels like the moment you are at a party filled with noisy people and you go upstairs, into a room with the door shut, and the quiet blesses your ears. It feels like the world stopped and you can finally think again.

One more benefit to putting a limit on technology is the separation from social media and drama. From the times when scrolling through pictures and seeing posts of friends hanging out without you, seeing people having things you don’t have. It takes the pressure off for a day and it works!

Taking time away: Whether it is a couple of days trip or just a few hours, taking the time to take a step back could be what you need. A survey of 263 people, commissioned by a group of travel companies, showed that 97% were happier simply planning a future trip. This can be a full-blown vacation or just an overnight camping. 

“Unplugging” for a longer time can reduce stress levels and give a break to your mind engine. Even going for a walk or hike has benefits. A study completed by Stanford University in 2015 found that those walking for 90 minutes were less likely to dwell on negative thoughts about themselves. 

We have all heard that spending time outside and exercising can improve your health physically and mentally. Why not just give it a chance? Studies, universities, and doctors all back this idea, get away from all your distractions and you can return feeling ten times better. 

Reset sleep schedule: Try creating a sustainable schedule for sleeping. Stay consistent with the times you wake up and go to bed. If falling asleep is the issue change some of your habits. According to MedlinePlus a way to settle down your brain before bed is to write all the rambling thoughts down on paper. It’s hard to fall asleep when you have a new thought popping up every second. 

Other ways to assist sleep are reducing naps during the day, increasing your exercise throughout the day, practicing methods of relaxation (meditation, breathing exercises, writing), and listening to your body’s signals. If it tells you to slow down, then listen. 

Spending time with friends and family: This is a classic protocol for when you need a good laugh. Planning a day to hang out with friends, no matter where you go, can raise your spirits. Take a break from work and go shopping or for a walk with friends. A movie is nice too if you aren’t feeling like small talk. 

Being around people you like and who make you laugh will make you forget about everything else that may be going on around you. Your brain clears out and you focus on having fun. Plus, when you laugh it feels like all the stress is falling out of your mouth. 

Life can get pretty chaotic and these are some ways to slow it down. Remember taking breaks and disconnecting from the stress for a while is a good thing. It is not required to do any of these things, but it may help reset the mind and make you more productive. 

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Reagan Bouchard, Reporter
Reagan Bouchard is part of the Class of 2026 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is her second year being part of The Oakmonitor. She was in spring track last year and is also a part of the club SADD. Reagan works at J.R. Briggs as part of the extended day program and occasionally babysits others. In her free time, she likes to go on walks or bike rides with friends and family. She enjoys swimming in the summer, baking/cooking, and traveling to new places. Reagan loves to spend time watching movies, playing board games, and shopping. She is excited to learn more things while being a part of The Oakmontitor.

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