Oakmont Alumni Speak about their Time in High School

Caroline Albert, Author

Picture the day of graduation – imagine the feeling? The next chapter of your life is about to begin – are you ready?  Did your four years at Oakmont prepare you for the next step? Here are some recent alumni reports.

“I had a great high school experience because of all the opportunities Oakmont had to offer like clubs, sports, events, etc. Oakmont has some amazing teachers too, like Mr. Altobelli, Mr. Coutu, Mr. Nevard, and Mr. Dufour. Oakmont definitely prepares their students well for college or whatever path they decide to take.”

-Blaire Tiernan, Oakmont Class of 2016, Umass Amherst.

“I appreciate Oakmont because of all the work they put in to making everyone feel like they fit in. With all the clubs and extracurricular activities, everyone is given an opportunity to take part in something they enjoy.  From Oakmont, I left with leadership skills as well as the knowledge needed to be prepared for college. As of right now, I am a junior at Bridgewater State University studying communication disorders in hopes to be a speech pathologist.”

-Angela Albert, Oakmont Class of 2016, Bridgewater State.

“I never truly appreciated Oakmont until after graduating. Classes like Personal Finance with Mr. McCaffery, and US History Since 9/11 with Mr. Altobelli really opened my eyes to a lot of real world problems. I really think that Oakmont prepares their students for the real world by teaching them responsibility, integrity, and respect. After high school I attended college for two years, but since have decided to join the workforce instead. I believe that my teachers and coaches from OHS have taught me so much about the importance of responsibility that I have a strong work ethic now.  I’m thankful to have attended such an amazing high school.”

-Delia Senecal, Oakmont Class of 2016

“I enjoyed my time at Oakmont, I built a lot of great friendships and liked teachers like Nevard, McCaffrey, and Secino. Enjoyed classes like personal finance cause it made me want to go into finance. And I love being far away from home, new friends, new opportunities, and better weather.”

-Sammy Albert, Oakmont Class of 2016, University of Tampa

“What I got out of Oakmont was leadership skills with StuCo, OTV, and friends! And the sense small community and close friendships. and although having a tight knit community moving far away for college has really stretched me to be independent and use the leadership skills I learned in high school.”

-Paytan Malboeuf, Oakmont Class of 2016, Graduate of Disney College Program

Current Liberty On-line student

“With it being a smaller school I was able to build long time friendships with the people who went there and my friend group was really close. I can’t thank the teachers and coaches enough for truly working hard to make sure we all were as successful as we could be. Everyone says they “hate high school” but you’ll miss it someday. Don’t take for granted the days you’re all in one place because soon that’ll change and your lives will take different paths. I love college. I was nervous at first to come over 1,000 miles away from home but I have never learned more about myself in my life. Aside from learning in the classroom you also find out who you are and where you want to go in life. And the friendships you make along the way are the best part about it. I’d say learning who I am and realizing there’s so much more to the world was my biggest accomplishment throughout college so far.”

-Erika Hall, Oakmont Class of 2017, University of Tampa

I currently am a mechanical engineering major at the University of Alabama. From my first intro to mechanical engineering class, I could immediately tell how lucky I was to have attended Oakmont, and be so involved in the tech department. Many of my engineering major peers here at Alabama have ZERO engineering experience, and are essentially playing a guessing game as to if they will enjoy engineering or not. That’s where I differ. Throughout my four years at oakmont I took all but 2 of the available tech classes with my favorite teachers CNO, Lantry, and Tyros. From the beginning, I was extremely interested  in the tech classes oakmont offered and eventually found my true passion for engineering. I cannot stress how lucky I am to have gone to oakmont, because I know what I want to do with my future, I know what I’m passionate about, and the skills I’ve learned put me one step ahead of all my peers. Since moving in here, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA, been granted a merit scholar page, joined various engineering society’s, and even have been given the opportunity to do a co-op engineering job next semester. I was a little nervous about how far I was going to be from home, 1300 miles!!! But what’s amazing about such a huge school (40,000 undergrad) is that people come from EVERYWHERE. I have a solid ground of friends all from Massachusetts, and have met people from Hawaii to Japan. It’s incredible what going out of your comfort zone can do, and the amount of connections you can make.”        

Mackenzie Cole , Oakmont Class of 2018, University of Alabama

“Oakmont was definitely a learning experience for me if anything, I’m truly appreciative of the close friends I had and the few faculty members that made an impact on my life and helped me out throughout my time there. I am currently at Keene State College in new hampshire double majoring in communications and public relations and minoring in philosophy. I, unfortunately, don’t think Oakmont really helped me with any of my areas of study, as the classes for what I’m interested in just were not offered. I definitely learned a lot of leadership skills through the clubs I was in like SADD, Peer Leaders, and OTV. The main thing I got out of Oakmont is that nothing lasts forever, things you’re going through / drama that is happening in your life will not matter a year from now, and you can’t take life to seriously because it’s constantly changing and people in your life are constantly changing as well. Live in the moment there and get excited for life after OHS”

-Ariana White, Class of 2016, Keene State College

“I graduated from Oakmont in 2014. I believe you get back what you put into it. I spent four years on student council and I also played on the field hockey team, lacrosse team, basketball team as well as one semester of tennis. I was taught by my coaches the importance of teamwork. My teachers taught me to work hard to get where you want to be. And my student council advisor (Mr. Dufour) taught me about the importance of leading my peers as well as lending a helping hand.  I am now living in Rhode Island after graduating from the University of Rhode Island school of business. I work full time as a marketing coordinator for a French Caribbean Rum company. I am thankful everyday for having had the high school experience I had at Oakmont.”

-Emily Albert, Class of 2014, Graduate from University of Rhode Island

“ When I think of my time at Oakmont, I always look at my senior year as the year that had the biggest impact on my professional career. Throughout my freshman, sophomore and junior year, I really did not know what I wanted to study in college- senior year answered that question. From the guidance of Mrs. Dubovick, and the help of all of the tech teachers (Mr. Lantry, Mr. Secino, and Mr. DeCicco), I grew a passion for engineering, and really found my place in life. Mr. Lantry mentored me through the technology classes, and even helped me get into the robotics class (even though I had not taken the prerequisite course) because he saw the passion I had for engineering. Oakmont, and the faculty they have, taught me that with hard work and dedication, you can be noticed by many and achieve your goals- no matter the size. However, it was not only the tech teachers that propelled my education to where I am today; the teachers I had in English (Mr. Nevard and Mrs. Cote) prepared me for the job I have today. Working closely with many individuals over the phone, email, and face-to-face interactions, having proper knowledge of the English language not only makes my job easier, but also makes me look professional.  I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with my Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering, and I am currently working full time as a technical support engineer at Harvard University. I am also working towards my master’s in Information Management Systems at the Harvard Extension School.”

-Jack Reily, Class of 2013, Graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology

 “Oakmont had its ups and downs. The malicious nature of Oakmont prepared me for the little known Ivy League college Fitchburg State. My time at Oakmont has coaxed out current personality traits of being quirky yet dull. If I had one word to say about my time at Oakmont it would be ambiguous.”

-Justin Streeks, Class of 2016, Fitchburg State University

 “Oakmont was pretty cool I guess – it was definitely high school. So your mileage may vary depending on classes and what year you are. All together I would say Oakmont is definitely better than some other schools; but I haven’t gone to other ones so I don’t know. Maybe it’s bad.”

-Jack Follansbee, Class of 2018, Mount Wachusett Community College