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What does the TikTok Ban Bill mean to you? A Short Explanation

As an ordinary student, I relate to the struggle to understand what is currently happening in the government, especially with the passing of laws. Right now, there has been rumor after rumor on a law banning TikTok in America for months now — so, what’s going on? I am here to give a swift explanation to help clear up what’s happening. 

So TikTok has been under pressure from the US since its popularity in 2018 because it collects user data. This isn’t a new thing with social media. The difference is that Tiktok is a Chinese-owned app, which raises questions about data privacy laws between countries and what China could be doing with user information. So, the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act was created, and it’s not just targeting TikTok. Here is what the bill states: 

“It shall be unlawful for an entity to distribute, maintain, or update (or enable the distribution, maintenance, or updating of) a foreign adversary-controlled application by carrying out, within the land or maritime borders of the United States, any of the following:

(A) Providing services to distribute, maintain, or update such foreign adversary-controlled application (including any source code of such application) by means of a marketplace (including an online mobile application store) through which users within the land or maritime borders of the United States may access, maintain, or update such application.

(B) Providing internet hosting services to enable the distribution, maintenance, or updating of such foreign adversary controlled application for users within the land or maritime borders of the United States.”

To summarize, this bill prevents any “distributing, maintaining, or providing internet hosting services for a foreign adversary controlled application.” So now app stores such as Google or Apple can’t allow any app owned by another country that collects user data. This means that TikTok, and other smaller apps, will be removed from the app store. 

But this DOESN’T mean that TikTok will be banned immediately. Starting Apr 25, 2024, TikTok has around 9-12 months to sell part of their company to an American Company. This would ensure that it would still be allowed because it wouldn’t be considered a foreign company that is not allowed by the bill. 

This isn’t the only way Tiktok could survive. TikTok CEO, Shou Zi has already posted a TikTok stating “Rest assured – We aren’t going anywhere” and stating he plans to fight the bill for violating American rights.

The right we are talking about here is the First Amendment, which includes the right of free expression, which Zi claims is violated by banning TikTok because the platform allows people to express themselves and their opinions online. It is safe to say that the TikTok ban drama won’t be going away for a while. 

In conclusion, I hope I cleared any questions you may have had about this Bill, if you have any more questions or opinions about this bill, feel free to leave a comment. 

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Lily Harris
Lily Harris, Reporter
Lily Harris is a first-year member of the Oakmonitor, she is a sophomore and participates in many clubs occasionally participating in Art, OEA, the Musical, Debate, Spartan Kitchen, Table Tennis, ASL, GSA, and directed this year's interclass play. She is in her second year of OTV and is excited to be able to talk about the news in different ways. She loves her cats, doing things for her community, and believes in looking presentable for school. In her free time she skis, skates, bikes, walks, and does whatever she can to stay active. 

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