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Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend 

Mia Petersen


You know what one of the hardest thing is, 

Watching your best friend 

Grow gray and old 

Their time line of life coming to an end 

Going from,

A dog as fast as the speed of light,

To a dog who struggles to get up at walk and can’t even get off the couch by their selfs 

Take me back 


Thinking about how active they were,

As if you were in a race and they already won before you even started


It’s a race of life, 

Remembering all the times you have yelled or scolded them for something small 

Like barking when there was no need to, 

Now you wish upon a shooting star they would sound like that again

Take me back 


Slipping food under the dinner table for them because you wanted to give them a special reminder that you love them more than your sibling,

But now they can’t sit properly because they don’t have enough strength 

So they slide down on their paws and lay on the floor

Hearing the painting in their breath,

Watching them slowly grow that gray color around their nose,

But you still see that little puppy in that old fragile dog,

Take me back,


The time flys by

Just like theirs,

If I had the power,

Like in the fantasy movies I used to watch 

I would have the power to keep my best friend in her prime  

But I don´t,

So I can’t

All I can do is sit and watch,

I can’t do anything,


It kills me more than anything 

To watch my best friend slowly let me go 

Watching what used to be her beautiful bright brown eyes

Start going cloudy 

And her hips starting to give out 

Limping around the living room that doesn’t feel like a ¨Living¨ room anymore,

With that tilted head and perked-up ears still having that sparkle in her still,

Beautiful brown,

Not as bright, 

But still shining eyes, 

like the sun and moon 


They say a dog is man’s best friend,

They aren’t wrong

They devote their life to you,

Waiting for you to come home from wherever you are off to,

For them, 

It feels longer than it does for us,

Their time goes by slower than ours

But we still see them slipping out of our warm loving hands

Like the snap of a finger


They sit there propping their head up on the couch staring out the door waiting for you 

But one day, they won’t be able to,

But you just know they loved you with every piece of fur attached to their body,

They truly are,

Man’s best friend.


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