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Beaches vs. Lakes

Cayleigh Imprescia

A summer debate we all face, “Should we spend a day at the beach or a day at the lake?”. It’s honestly an opinionated question depending on who you choose to ask. Some people may dislike the ocean because of the saltwater and all the ocean animals but there are just as many people that also dislike lakes because of the fish swimming by your feet and the brown/orange water you may encounter when swimming. 

What Is The Reasoning Behind Liking and Disliking Beaches or Lakes? 

A longstanding debate about whether beaches or lakes are better destinations for a relaxing vacation: Spokespeople of beaches argue that the sound of crashing waves, the salty sea air, and the extensive expanse of the ocean create a unique and relaxing experience. Beaches offer a variety of activities such as swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, making them perfect for people looking for an active and adventurous vacation. In addition, beaches often have an energetic beach culture with beachfront restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, giving visitors a fun and lively atmosphere.

On the other hand, the supporters of lakes argue that lakes offer more of a soothing and peaceful setting for relaxation. The calm waters of a lake provide a clear and settling environment for activities such as fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, allowing any visitors to connect with nature and unwind in a more secluded setting. Lakes are often surrounded by dense forests and mountains, offering stunning natural scenery and opportunities for hiking and exploring. Additionally, lakeside communities are likely to be quieter and less crowded than beach towns are, making them a more peaceful and ideal retreat for those seeking a smaller place and a closer connection to nature and its surroundings.



Pros: You truly do not need much for a beach day, throw in a tube of sunscreen, some beach towels, and a couple of snacks you’re all set. Depending on how many people you’re with you may need a snack-packed cooler with plenty of drinks in it to make sure you’re all set.

Cons: If you are traveling with a larger crowd and expect to buy food at the beach you are looking at an expensive bill. But even with packing, you have to lug it down, and who wants to carry it down? 


Preparing for a trip to a lake involves packing essentials such as sunscreen, water, snacks, and any necessary equipment for activities like swimming or fishing.

Pros: All it takes to get to the lake is parking in a driveway/spot which is typically a small fee or free. Unlike a beach which has long lines, expensive fees, and a walk down to the salt water. 

Cons: When deciding to go to the lake, you’ll typically want or even need a connection to a lake house or Not just that there are big fish that swim right by you. If you do not have a lake house you would have to bring extra items.



Pros: The beach offers many unique opportunities you can’t get anywhere else. Some activities you can’t get anywhere else are surfing, exploring tide pools, parasailing, and if you’re lucky enough you will be near a pier to wander around. 

Cons: Most activities on the beach can be costly to learn and require lots of practice you can’t gain in a single trip. When you explore the local pier it can be extremely costly for food or souvenirs and even activities on the pier. 


Pros- Lakes have more calming waters which are z better if you want to just relax in the water for swimming, and kayaking, as well as paddleboarding and tubing. By having calmer waters it can be easier for people to learn these activities in a more timely manner. 

Cons- The sand at lakes is harder than the sand at beaches which makes some activities harder at lakes because the sand is rougher and may hurt your feet more than it would at a beach. 



Pros: The salts from the water attract more sunlight. Sunsets over bigger bodies of water are more colorful due to the high mist air quality. 

Cons: It often rains and when it does it lasts for several days making it very foggy and moist.


Pros: Usually at night if it isn’t muggy or misty/foggy during the day before it gets dark the sunsets are usually very clear and peaceful at lakes. 

Cons: Lakes get a lot of dew points and condensation in the air which makes it cloudy and or foggy giving it a bad view for taking pictures and looking at sunsets/sunrises. 



Pros: There are lifeguards there to make sure you’re safe, to make sure you don’t drown, and to make sure you’re okay if you get injured.

Cons: Dangers can happen anywhere, but especially in a body of water. There have been 559 guarded drownings at the beach between 1991-2021. There are also more animals in the ocean than in lakes making it even scarier to swim in, and it’s not not just the ocean animals it’s the boats too. An estimated 320,000 annual drowning deaths happen worldwide. According to U.S. Coast Guard stats over 4,000 boating accidents happen every year. There are pollution mixtures of plastic waste 


Pros: The water at lakes lacks waves, which makes water easier to stay afloat and not be knocked down. 

Cons: Lakes carry lots of bacteria and algae that produce toxins that are harmful to people’s health and kill many fish, birds, and mammals. Lakes have high pollution levels 

Conclusion- The debate over whether lakes or beaches are better comes down to personal preference and their own experiences. While lakes give calm waters, nice views, and opportunities for multiple activities, beaches give the temptation of the ocean, sandy shores, and the sound of crashing waves in the middle their unique beauty and appeal to different people for different reasons. Overall, the choice between lakes and beaches depends on one’s preferences, desires in activities, and the overall experience one wants to endure.


Nathan Roukes (Freshman)- I like beaches better because lakes are nasty and they don’t have big waves as beaches do. 

Connor Catalfamo(Freshman)-I like lakes more because I won’t get sand and pebbles in my pants. 

Layce Lauletta (Sophmore)- I like beaches better  because lakes are nasty and small and beaches are somewhat more filtered 

Landon (Sophmore)- Lakes because of bonfires and tubing

Madylan Alves (Junior)-beaches because of the ocean and the waves and lakes are kind of dirty. 

 Kyra Pappas (Junior)-  I prefer beaches because they tend to be less buggy and the sand is usually softer 

Ella Dellasanta (Senior)- I like beaches better because of the ocean, I love the sound of the waves and taking long walks on the water. It’s more relaxing for me and I would much rather spend an entire day at the beach over a lake for sure. 

Bella Rios (Senior)- I like beaches more because the beach is so pretty and relaxing during the summertime.

Jordan Pantojas (Senior)-  Lakes because I live closer to them and have easier access to one.

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Cayleigh Imprescia, Reporter
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Cecelia Sears, Reporter
Cecelia Sears is part of the class of 2027 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is her first year being part of The Oakmonitor. During the school year she is apart of Oakmont´s winter and fall cheer season, and has been cheering since she was ten. Durning Cecelia´s free time she likes to hangout with friends. She enjoys going to the beach, baking, and listening to music.

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