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Siblings: Long-lasting friends or common annoyances?

Submitted Photo
Siblings eating some good ice cream!

Where do I begin? Siblings… are they friend or foe? Long-standing rivalries over being the parent’s favorite, who won, and who cheated during family game night, all while being “best friends.” 

You never know what kind of mood a sibling is in. Whether they want to aggravate you until you want to pull your hair out (which is a special talent of theirs), or if they want to have a fun chat about whatever. It goes either way and it could flip so fast. One minute it could be laughter and jokes, the next it could turn into an argument about nothing.

Whenever you have a sibling it can feel like you are in competition. It isn’t that bad though because I know they will be there through the good and bad. My brother is a permanent piece of my life- not that I get a choice. 

Through it all he has been there. My personal confidant whether he wants to be or not. 

Competitions intensified as we grew. Once we were able to sit in the passenger seat of the car, it would be a race each day. Then came the chores…we had alternating nights for doing the dishes. There are probably hundreds of arguments surrounding this, “I did them last night!”, “You left half the dishes in the sink, it doesn’t count!” 

Ironically, I could not think of a person I am more opposite from. We may not like the same things, eat the same foods, or want to go to the same places, but we will always have one thing in common- approximately 50% of our DNA. Compromises can sometimes be made, usually an hour later.

An older sibling has been there all your life. They have watched you grow and made fun of you while you did. However, it was always comforting having someone to go through the next step before you did. 

For example, he walked through Oakmont’s halls before I did. He gave me tips, helped me navigate, and I hate to admit it, but I would’ve been a lot more scared going into high school if he hadn’t gone first. 

Either way, it worked in my favor. He went through most of the same classes that I did. He was my built-in tutor. There was a time that came when my mom could no longer help with the math and that job fell on the older brother who always talks about how smart he is. He should be thankful I let him put his skills to the test. 

To go along with that, I give him lots of practice with driving. I usually have to beg for a ride, and only sometimes does it get me somewhere. Although, I can usually persuade if there is something in it for him. Classic bribery. 

So, siblings…friends or foes? All jokes aside, my brother has been there all my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way, (but I also don’t have anything to compare it to.) 

Whatever happens, I know he will be there. I suppose talking to him is bearable and his humor isn’t the worst. Maybe we don’t always get along, or share the same opinions, or watch the same shows, or never agree on where to go out to eat, but ultimately a sibling is a built-in friend. Well…maybe a frenemy. 

Brother and sister combo during power outage! (Submitted Photo)
Siblings waiting impatiently to get onto a plane for an adventure! (Submitted Photo)


Brother and sister walking back from the bus stop after school day! (Submitted Photo)
Siblings chilling at the bus stop (Submitted Photo)
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Reagan Bouchard, Reporter
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    Mrs. CampagnaJun 4, 2024 at 1:42 pm

    This is very sweet. I can relate. Well done!