Choosing the Chicken


This Popeyes in Leominster, Massachusetts has discontinued the sale of the chicken sandwich, due to the lack of ingredients from recent demand.

Nick Nano, Author

With the new craze of the Popeyes chicken sandwich making its appearance in mid August of this year, it seemed that the popularity would never die down, considering the new addition to the menu was such a hit, the sandwich sold out almost instantaneously. It didn’t take long for an outcast of hungry individuals to start the argument that the Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich was far inferior to the new rival.

As the question arose regarding who produces the superior sandwich, there are many factors to decide on which one should hold the throne in being crowned “greatest.”

As the media shows, by popularity in recent time, the Popeyes sandwich comes out victorious for being the most purchased sandwich out of the two. When asked the big question to Brandon Azuike, Oakmont Regional High School class of 2020, he stated, “Personally, the Popeyes sandwich tastes better than the Chick-Fil-A sandwich, but the service is much better at Chick-Fil-A.” Azuike who agrees to be a frequent goer to the two eateries, agrees that, because of the taste, a larger amount of customers order the Popeyes sandwich.

Classmate of Azuike, Connor Williams, Oakmont class of 2021, agreed to the statement. “I believe that as well. The line at Chick-Fil-A may be shorter, but that’s because no one goes there. It’s old news. Popeyes is where it’s at.” says Williams.

Even in professional terms, the Popeyes sandwich was agreed to be superior to the competitor. The Washington Post, Business Insider, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette voted Popeyes as the better tasting of the two sandwiches, as well as Matt Wake from, who compared the new rival to a prime Jimi Hendrix on the guitar, while only comparing Chick-Fil-A to  Keith Richards, understandably proficient, but not quite as superior as the Popeyes sandwich was balloted to be.

Although, as it seemed Popeyes to be victorious, there was still a side of the debate that was shadowed, the ones who prefer Chick-Fil-A over Popeyes. As deemed obvious, the popular vote was indeed Popeyes, but there are still customers whose preference does not follow the new trend.

Jordan Hatch, Oakmont Regional High School class of 2020, stated, “Chick-Fil-A is so much better than Popeyes. It’s been around longer and it tastes much better.” By surprise, a few other classmates of Hatch agreed with his statement, calling the Popeyes sandwich a “joke” and that it was “no where near Chick-Fil-A’s greatness.”

The total amount of people that purchased the Popeyes sandwich within weeks of arrival is near impossible to tally up, but the realization that after only two weeks of sales, with just over 3,100 stores worldwide, the sandwich had been ruled “Sold Out,” due to the rise of customers buying and not having enough ingredients for the new craze, it is notably the most popular fast food item on the market.

Despite Popeyes new sandwich taking over the popular demand, Chick-Fil-A is still the fifth largest fast food restaurant chain in America, according to QSR Magazine, and their sales are still ascending, with the new competition sitting at twentieth.

“Though recently the Popeyes chicken sandwich has received more love, the more popular and, frankly, the better one of the two, is always going to be Chick-Fil-A.” said fellow student of Oakmont Regional High School, Dylan Banda, class of 2021.

The division between the two separate crazes in the fast food industry was immense, both sides of the battle being astoundingly populous. The ones who voted Chick-Fil-A to still hold the throne are identical in numbers to the ones who believe in new beginnings with Popeyes becoming the largest rating. It is down to the final question, which one truly holds the throne?

With the numbers only revealing facts and true statistics, it is that with the recent upcoming trend, the Popeyes sandwich is indeed the superior sandwich of the two. By popular vote, by nationwide consumption rate, and by recent interest, it is clear to see that Popeyes is on top.