Valentine’s Day: Love it or Leave it

Alyssa Dalbon, Author

One of the most controversial holidays is either looked forward to or dreaded. It’s the holiday of chocolate roses and heart shaped beds: Valentine’s Day. When Valentine’s day is around the corner, couples go to the store to spoil each other –  whether it’s through candy or an engagement ring. While people without a partner sometimes despise the holiday or embrace what they have. Afterall, the only money their spending is ten dollars on a fancy box of chocolates that they can devour themselves. 

People who love Valentine’s day either love chocolate or love spending the day with their partner. Couples often enjoy Valentine’s Day due to the romanticism and love in the air. Some people chose to spoil their partners on this day of love, while others just like snuggling up on the couch to watch a romcom. However, couples aren’t the only ones that enjoy Valentine’s Day. Single people will often buy themselves a box of chocolates and flowers and reflect on how they don’t need someone else to be happy. Some singletons will embrace their happiness and spend the day of love reflecting on their own self-love. 

But not all singles are so optimistic. For single people who wish they were in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a constant reminder that they are alone. They see happy couples getting engaged and buying each other chocolates and roses and realize that they don’t have that type of love in their lives. So some people are actually miserable on Valentine’s Day, some people dislike it for attention. People will often dislike a holiday to be quirky, especially when it isn’t a religious holiday. They will post it on social media about how it’s a stupid holiday, when everyone knows they are just lonely and trying to put other people down. However, single people aren’t the only ones who don’t like Valentine’s Day.

Couples sometimes don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day because of how expensive it can get and how commercial the holiday has become. Valentine’s Day has become “tacky” for some people and they now feel like the day is a force, You are expected to spoil your loved one and post it all over social media. Also, all of the roses and fancy chocolates can add up pretty quickly, especially if you’re adding a ring to that mix.

If you are someone who is dreading Valentine’s Day this year, there are some ways to make it less miserable. Firstly, just think about how much money you’re saving. Instead of buying someone else a box of chocolates, treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting for awhile. If you don’t want to spend any money at all, spend some time with your friends and watch a movie or go ice skating at the park. Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with people you love.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent with a significant other. Embrace all the love in your life and don’t dwell on the relationships you don’t have. If you’re spending this years’ holiday with your partner, make sure they know how much you appreciate them. If you’re spending it by yourself, make the most of it. Happiness shouldn’t be dependent on someone else, find it with