Top 5 Local Restaurants

Alliyah Rahiam, Author

The top five local restaurants around Westminster and Ashburnham, Massachusetts are Brother’s Pizza, Angler Fish Market & Chowder, Kay’s Dairy Bar, The 1761 Old Mill, and The Gardner Ale House

Brother’s Pizza is a pizza place on 47 Main St in Ashburnham. It’s open seven days a week and is open 11am to 10pm. It has also been a family owned and operated since 2009.

Even though it’s a pizza place they have a wide variety of different types of food in their menus. They also have sandwiches, burgers, pasta and many more.

Another best local restaurant is Angler Fish Market & Chowder. Its located at 1 Village Square, Westminster. They’re open seven days a week and everyday besides Monday and Sunday opens at 11 am and closes at 9pm. On Monday it’s open 4 to 8pm and Sunday opens at 11am and closes at 8pm.

They have all different types of food like Lobster Rolls, Fried Haddock, Fried Scallop Roll and many other types of sandwiches. They also have different types of salads like Pecan Gorgonzola, Caesar Salad, and House Salad. Pasta dishes add to the menu:  Pesto Shrimp & Scallops, Chicken Marsala, and Spicy Shrimp & Mussels. There are many more other seafood options.

Also, Kay’s Dairy Bar which is located at 196 State Rd W, Westminster, is also open everyday from 11 am to 9pm on Friday and Sunday, and any other day till 8pm.

Kay’s Dairy Bar has many types of burgers:  hamburgers, cheeseburgers and bacon cheeseburgers. They also have hotdogs like the footlong chili cheese dog, footlong chili dog and just a regular foot long hotdog. They also have soups, ice cream, and many different types of meals like fried plates, baked plates, and appetizers. 

The 1761 Old Mill is a family run restaurant serving American fare in a mill and is located at 69 State Rd E, Westminster. The Old Mill is open 6 days a week Tuesday through Sunday. They open at 11:30 am Tuesday through Saturday and close at 9:15 pm Tuesday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday they close at 9:45. On Sunday they open at 10am and close at 8pm.

Old Mill has all different types of food they have all different types of appetizers like buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and chicken fingers. They also have many different types of salads like Cobb salad, buffalo chicken salad, and mixed green country salad. And many grill options like roast prime rib, surf and turf, and grilled New York sirloin. They also have seafood sandwiches, and burgers.

The last restaurant is The Gardner Ale House. They’re located at 74 Parker St in Gardner; they are open everyday at 11 am besides Sunday which opens at 9 am and closes at 11 pm Sunday through Wednesday. Every other day they close at 12 am.

They have all different types of food like sandwiches, soups, chowders, chilli, salads, burgers, but best known for the pizzas:  Mediterranean, white smoke house, buffalo chicken and spicy Hawaiian. Also, the friendly pub host Avery Follansbee is always there to greet you with a smile. 

 The top rated local restaurants are Brother’s Pizza, Angler Fish Market & Chowder, Kay’s Dairy Bar, The 1761 Old Mill and The Gardner Ale House.