COVID-19: The Impact on the Music World

James Maloney

With many Americans having to spend their days working from home, many musicians have been forced to postpone and even cancel their tours and concerts. With circumstances like these, music people from all over the country have been trying to find other methods of spreading their music and influencing their fans.

One of these individuals is Adam Melchor, having grown up in New Jersey and now living in California, he has made efforts to connect with his fan base from home and keep up with his musical career. On Tuesday, he was able to sit down remotely and talk to young individuals who wanted to broaden their knowledge of the music industry. I was lucky enough to be one of those individuals.

His main message was that practice makes perfect; however, there were other elements to his musical success such as memories and the bonds of family. He even had family members featured in his music video- I Choose You. Though this is a rather sweet touch, it is beyond the most notable feature. The video starts with Melchor in skeletal body paint dressed in a baseball uniform, a rather interesting presentation. Besides his visual asthetics, it’s his music where he truly shines. His voice is almost always accompanied by the sound of a guitar, making his music more soft and folk like. He had actually started on piano through the influence of his parents, however, he later decided to take up the guitar by self teaching. He would practice 9-12 hours a day while learning. Other music of his has been put onto a separate Youtube channel called Aperion. His song Real Estate had received over three million views. His story of persistence and drive has led him on his musical career path.

The recent pandemic has forced him to put his tour on hold. He has thought of ways to keep momentum through telephone and radio. One of these methods is the Lulliby hotline. It’s a way for fans to request songs out of the comfort of his L.A. home. Melchor is not only thankful for his fans but the work of his managers and those that help him to do what he does. Like so many other musicians, he only wishes to continue to do what he loves.