Covid-19 Student Input

Covid-19 Student Input

“I feel like we have time to find ourselves” – Tia cormier 

“I HATE IT!!!!”- Alana Barrett 

“Good time to self reflect”- Lindsey Lafrance 

“The pandemic made me remember to value the things I have and the people in my life. But being a senior and all it makes me sad we don’t get a traditional senior year and a last hurrah with my best friends.”- Jessica Lee 

“This pandemic has made me learn to appreciate the little things in life. all I can do is work and school and I miss seeing my friends and going out with them”- Mady Aubin 

“The virus has effect me because it is really weird to all the sudden not have a job and not be able to hangout with friends, as well as online schooling it’s really hard to focus”- Avery Follansbee 

“The pandemic makes me feel like I’m trapped, but I know that I’m safe. I stay home and away from people to help stop the spread. Although our lives are paused, the earth itself is healing, and I’m really hoping something good will come out of this.” -Lauren Sicard 

“Although we will never know for sure when this pandemic will come to an end, it gives me a chance to refocus on myself and slow down from everything going on around me” -Sarah Sicard

“I’m extremely frustrated and upset and I want my life back” -Audrey Dolan“The unprecedented nature of this pandemic makes it very hard to feel secure when it comes to our safety or our emotional health. it’s been a very anxiety-ridden and unsure time filled with a lot of unexpected grief” -Lily McGuirk