Riding off into the sunset: Seniors still manage to go out with a bang

James Maloney

This is a truly historic year, there’s no doubt about that. The stories that current seniors share in their futures will truly be worth a listen. They have had an experience that not many individuals have had. The shock of schools Being shut down was the beginning of the end of their final year of school. 

If you thought they gave up in the midst of this crisis, your dead wrong! Many efforts have been made to spread as much positivity and hope for the senior class as well as other students. From working online, to presents and parades their persistence is beyond admirable. Throughout the United States, many individuals have come to celebrate birthdays and other occasions in the form of drive-by parades. It’s one of the greatest examples of how friendships have adapted to this new life. However, Oakmont has been able to take it one step further. On May 27, a class-wide parade will allow seniors to ride through Ashburnham and Westminister with their families and friends. 

There are other ways of celebrating seniors through community projects. Olivia Wells, Emma Simkewicz, Riley Grimley, and Sam Gastonguay helped to make and deliver custom yard signs for each member of the senior class. A video was also made to show off each senior’s extracurricular participation by Olivia Wells.  

Though these are uncertain times, the community has managed to be stronger than ever. We have learned to adapt and persist in order to celebrate the ones we care about. The Class of 2020 has helped to impact our community in a positive way. It’s now time for them to make that impact on the world.