Hiking Trails: A get away from the computer

Isabel Wandless, Journalist

Whether it’s because of school or work, we’re all stuck on our computers. Remote soreness isn’t fun for anyone, so after a long day at work or school don’t just sit inside; go for a hike.  Experience the feeling of freedom you get, feeling like your one with nature, the excitement when you finally reach the top. So here are the five best hiking trails in Massachusetts that will get you to go outside and explore. 


#5 Walden Pond path at the Walden Pond State Reservation in Concord. This popular trail, while sometimes a little crowded, provides a beautiful view in its 1.7-mile hiking loop. Most commonly used from April to October, it gives an irresistible arrangement of colored leaves in the fall. 

#4 The Bolton pond, Semuhenna, and Old Indian Trail at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton and Westminster. Just over at the mountain is this 4.2-mile hiking trail filled with scenic views and rock formations. The loop also allows dogs, as long as they remain on leashes, so you can enjoy a nice day out in the woods while getting rid of your dog’s extra energy.


Mount Watatic Summit and Nutting Trial via Wapack Trail

#3 The Nutting Trail via Wapack Trail at Mount Watatic near Ashburnham. According to alltrails.com, this hiking trail is open year-round and provides a view of beautiful wildflowers. This 3.5-mile loop, while steep, provides a landscape at the top that is well worth the climb.


#2 The Great Blue Hill via the Skyline Trail in Milton. On this rather short 3 mile loop, hikers may walk by gorgeous wildflowers. From the top, people see a stunning view of the Boston skyline. While said to be a little steep and tricky, people have said that the view from the top is a benefit too good to pass up.


#1 World’s End Trail at Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area in Hingham. This easy to walk trail provides stunning views all around, with the Boston skyline across the water, lovely wildflowers, beaches, sights of wildlife, and forests all wrapped in a nearly 4-mile hike. While accessible year-round, people look forward to autumn to see the gorgeously colored leaves. This trail is also open for you to bring “man’s best friend”. Come and enjoy this amazing trail with family, friends, or your dog.

Well, that’s the 5 best trails in Massachusetts. Other than these amazing trails, there are hundreds of other hikes with fresh air and beautiful views. So go appreciate these picture-worthy trails as a way to get away from stress and the computer.