Delicious Picking Season

Helen Yan

   It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are slowly turning into pigments of red, yellow, and orange; while the weather is starting to get colder. 


                                               View From Red Apple Farm 


                During Fall in Massachusetts, a long time tradition stands every year: apple picking. From the Red Apple Farm to Hollis Hills Farm or any other apple orchard, families all around this area have picked apples. 

             Not only do apples have a sweet and juicy taste while containing many health benefits,  but they also can serve other purposes. You may be thinking, Yeah they make good apple pie and baked goods. But apples are not only  good for cooking, they can be made into face masks with a combination of honey and oatmeal. They  can  remove excess salt from soup, be made into lanterns, or even help tomatoes ripen. The possibilities are endless.

             Right now is just about the time to go picking depending on what kind of apple you hope to pick. Below I have compiled a list of harvest dates of apples. These dates are according to




       July 25.   Vista Bella

         Aug 1.      Yellow Transparent, Lodi 

         Aug 10.    Puritan

         Aug 15.    Jersey Mac, Early Mac, Williams Pride 

        Aug 20.    Dutchess Of Oldenburg, Paula Red, Red Gravenstein

         Aug 28.   Wealthy 

         Sept 1.     McIntosh 

         Sept 7.    Ginger Gold 

         Sept 15.  Honey Crisp, Snow, Gala 

         Sept 20.  Macoun, Cortland, R.I Greening, Lucky Rose 

        Sept 25.   Empire, Spartan, Spencer 

         Oct 1.       Roxbury Russet

         Oct 7.      Baldwin

         Oct 10.    Idared, Rome, Red delicious, Gold Delicious

         Oct 15.    Winter Banana, Senator 

         Oct 20.  Yellow Newtown Pippen, Crispin/Mutzu

         Oct 25.    Aztec Fuji