Growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be


As a little kid, dressing up and going trick or treating was the tradition when this time of year came around, now me nor my friends are kids anymore, and it’s not the same. The question between all of us is what are we doing on Halloween?

To top all of our confusion off, we also have to deal with Covid this year. With everything closed or postponed, there really hasn’t been many options about what to do on the spookiest night of the year. Usually, for many teens, it would be a Halloween party or a haunted house, but this year those things are just not on the table. It’s kind of disappointing. Not being able to experience some of those things due to the circumstances, is making my childhood/ teen years go by a lot faster than I would have liked them to go by.  I know for a fact that a lot of my friends and peers feel the exact same way that I feel. 

Everybody always says that the four years that you spend in high school are some of the best years of your life, but to be quite frank with you, highschool has kind of sucked lately. We don’t even get the annual haunted house that Oakmont usually does, and it’s really bumming me out. 

So it looks like this year I’m hanging out with a couple of my friends, and buying a butload of candy. Which let me tell you, is definitely not going to be as much fun as earning it on halloween night.  We’re going to eat so much candy that we feel sick, just like we used to do when we were younger. Hopefully we can make a fun night out of it, even if we don’t get to dress up in silly costumes and go door to door saying “trick or treat”. 

Never in a million years did I think I would be writing this article stating how much I missed being a little kid because all I wanted when I was younger was to grow up. Now I wish that I hadn’t grown up so darn fast. 

My advice to any young kids who may be reading this, is to enjoy all your time as a kid. Dress up in those silly costumes, and eat as much candy as your heart desires, because as you get older those things aren’t an option anymore. Stay a kid for as long as you can.