Quarantine Pets


My pet rooster Perry out with his flock.

A rooster crows from my chicken coop every morning at five o’clock. His loud call can be heard from every room in my house. Not surprisingly, I did not choose to buy a noisy rooster for my flock of hens. This confident chicken was placed in my backyard for one reason only: quarantine. 


Pet adoptions and pet buying has increased tremendously since the quarantine has begun. Many people have found themselves stuck at home more often than usual, and it has caused them to realize that it’s the perfect time to get a pet. 


According to wcvb.com, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recorded a 20 percent increase in pet adoptions compared to this time last year. 


Even across the country, animal shelters have found themselves flooded with people ready to adopt. 


According to the washingtonpost.com, a non-profit shelter in Los Angeles had double their rate of adoptions than usual this summer.


There are many reasons for the influx of pet adoptions during this time of social distancing. As the washingtonpost.com says, Americans are adopting more pets because they either have plenty of free time, have children with nothing to do, or have significantly less social interaction than usual, and need something to fill the void. 


My flock of chickens came to me for one of these reasons as well. Realizing we had more time than usual, my family decided to buy more birds. Much to our surprise, a rooster accidentally slipped in, and he has woken us up ever since. 


Fiona Picone, a sophomore at Oakmont Regional High School, also adopted a flock of birds due to the unexpected free time. 


“We normally wouldn’t have thought about it since we’re usually all super busy in the spring, but since we had some extra time at home we took advantage of it,” Picone said. 


So, if you find yourself with nothing to do this winter, think about adopting a pet. It’s always a good idea!