Thoughts on landing your first job during Covid -19

Starting a new job at any point in time isn’t easy, but during a global pandemic? It’s a million times harder. As a teenager, it’s always crucial to get a job, as it serves as a substantial element on a college resume. It also helps to prepare teens for the real world, and to make their own money for a living. These elements are even harder to ensue when there’s a global pandemic surfacing, seemingly destroying the entire world!


For me, it was a relatively painless experience. The only real drawback is having to wear a mask for a four hour shift, but you get used to it. It’s also really annoying because it’s hard to decipher what people are saying through masks, but it’s manageable. 


I’m 15 years old, which is young. It’s not a terrible idea to get a job at a younger age so that you can get some job experience before graduating from high school or college, which is very important in learning proper interviewing skills, etiquette, and manner. These skills will stick with you for the rest of your life, and they are very important to have. You may not think that there are places who would hire people as young as myself, but in reality, there are more and more places that hire teens as young as age 14. I think this is because the importance of job experience at a young age is becoming more and more evident. I have no doubt that my getting a job would have been different if it weren’t for covid. It just would have been a different experience. 


Training to be a cashier would have been easier, for I would have been able to hear instructions more clearly. It also would be easier not to have to hear people speaking through masks, but unfortunately, that’s just cruel reality. The world before Covid was completely different, which would have made for a different experience. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I had gotten a job before Covid versus during Covid. What will it be like after Covid? I wonder about these things all the time, for there are endless possibilities. My experience working during Covid will pass for quite a story someday, as it’s very comparative to work experiences that took place before pandemic and ones that will take place after the pandemic.


I think it’s important to work during Covid. Not only is it important to earn money during these hardships, but also to experience the real world and how everyone copes with everything going on. Some may disagree, saying that it’s potentially dangerous to work, and that may be true, but it’s also vitally important. Seeing as how the world is right now, completely destroyed, one might think, it’s important to contribute to society. It’s very important to give back to your community, I feel. Nobody has had it easy these past eight months, that I know for certain. This period of time will be greatly highlighted in history books to come, there is absolutely no doubt about that.


To sum up, getting a job most certainly isn’t easy, and covid sure made it a different experience. Getting a job at a young age is, in my opinion, a great way to prepare yourself for the real world and to get some experience before going to college. Going out into the real world is quite daunting, but with prior job experience, it may not seem quite as so.