Coffee and tea crazes during Covid

Chai Tea Latte

Isabel Wandless

Chai Tea Latte

Even during Covid-19, the need for coffee and tea continues to increase. With the average cups a day going up from 2.45 to 2.77 which stands for a nearly 13% rise since the beginning of the coronavirus, according to survey results on

When asked, Mrs. Therrien said, “When I’m home I drink a lot more tea and I’ve been home a lot more.” So what coffees and teas have people been going crazy over in the last couple of months?  Especially during this festive fall season. 

Cold-brew coffee started to gain popularity in the last few years and its popularity was boosted during May and June of this year. It is a drink that is never made heated and is always chilled. This coffee is also made with a bigger coffee to water ratio than normal drip coffee and may be stronger than regular coffee, but it actually has a smaller amount of caffeine. 

A coffee that was introduced and went viral earlier this year in April is Dalgona coffee also known as whipped coffee. This South Korean coffee´s name “dalgona” comes from the Korean word meaning “its sweet”.  The delicious flavor of this coffee is described as honeycomb toffee and was actually greatly influenced by the South Korean candy “dalgona”. To put together this tempting drink mixed with even sections of hot water, confectioner’s sugar, and instant coffee till it is whipped, and smooth. You then include either hot or cold milk to the mix. This coffee can be topped by things like crumbled biscuits, honey, and cocoa but can also be left un-topped. 

The next drink is matcha tea. This tea which can also be made as a latte and hot or cold. The tea that originated from China and is consumed regularly in East Asia is made from the finely grounded powder of green tea leaves. While being a very delicious drink there are also many health benefits to drinking this tea such as helping to prevent cancer, type 2 Diabetes, and heart disease, and encouraging weight loss. It also is a great ingredient for the skin and can help reduce inflammation, acne, and increase the elasticity of skin.

Bubble tea otherwise known as boba is a tea-based drink that had its origin in Taichung, Taiwan in the 1980s. This drink includes tapioca balls and has a very big range of flavors and varieties along with a wide range of other toppings. The teas most commonly used in this drink are black teas, green teas, and oolong teas but be as experimental as you would like.

Along with during this pandemic but also during this season many drinks continue or rise to popularity in the chilly season. This includes the continuously popular pumpkin spice latte. The latte is made by combining espresso and steamed milk with a blend of traditional fall spices flavors and pumpkin. It is usually topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice. 

Another popular drink more specifically at Starbucks is the salted caramel mocha. Made by combining toffee nut sauce, mocha sauce with steamed milk and coffee. This delicious drink is then topped with sweetened whipped cream, caramel drizzle, sea salt, and a blend of turbinado sugar. Described as the perfect coffee for someone in need of a boost of caffeine but looking for the taste and feel of a hot chocolate. Hope you enjoy the season with this mocha of amazing flavors. 

This iconic drink more so from Dunkin’ Donuts this time is the gingerbread latte. With the comforting and festive gingerbread flavor topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon sugar. The latte served hot or cold will bring some needed familiarity and warmth to the season for most of us.  

The peppermint mocha is a drink that is as satisfying and delicious as it is popular. Made by combining steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce, and peppermint-flavored sauce then topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls. This all-star drink can be ordered hot or cold from both Starbucks and Dunkin’s to brighten your holiday mood. This chocolate coffee  mixed with a little bit of peppermint will make the ultimate drink this season.

These popular drinks during the Covid-19 virus and the colder seasons will be sure to brighten the mood while in this pandemic especially in the holidays. Now with the average coffee consumption going up the drinks mentioned here and many more will most likely become even more popular so go out and try these delicious drinks.