Self-care for winter break!


Dani Lewis

Dani Lewis watching the sunset for relaxation.

Between studying notes, struggling through homework, and stalling your chores, it might be difficult to remember to care for yourself.

However- the real key to doing well in everyday life is, in fact, self-care.

Now that we’re heading into a long-awaited Christmas vacation to wrap up our glorious year of 2020, it’s time to give your body and your soul the love it deserves! 

If you are unsure where to start, I have just the thing for you.  I asked students around Oakmont what their favorite personal care methods are.  Some were quite popular, but others were rare gems that are still just as effective.

Try to accomplish at least one of these in your newfound free time; I’m leaving the choice up to you!

From most common to least common, some favorite care activities are:

-Face-timing friends

-Watching favorite shows

-Listening to music, particularly Christmas music

-Playing video games

-Spending time with animals

-Enjoying nature

-Getting plenty of sleep


-Working out

Demonstrating your self-love helps to release any negativity from the past year, which is probably essential at this time- if you have no other reason, at least do it for that.

 It will also set you up for an amazing 2021, which I think we could ALL use!